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Rachel Cook

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I absolutely adore her, love her new hair and commend her for starting this magazine, but I'm a little concerned that it's not the most sustainable thing in the world especially as demand for stuff that folk will want will be of more daring and even explicit things and I highly doubt she's going to start doing anything approaching *that* market. Considering the way it's funded those people will soon abandon it if it drops off at all...it's a fair bit of pressure for her. The interviews and featuring plenty of other models (mostly through her contacts in the industry) is important but are people really going to be happy paying $15 a month for tips on herbal remedies and other utter bollocks? It's a pretty select group, usually the sort that write up an essay on instagram promoting some magic bean juice and how life changing it is, basically not enough to fund a mortgage. Perhaps I'm underestimating how many people subscribe to that lifestyle and it'll flourish for years. We'll see.


However she's not an idiot, I'm sure she's thought about all possibilities at length and has solutions to any short term worries, plus a lot of ideas for the mag for a while yet. It'll certainly be interesting and there are other avenues she can fall back onto if it goes tits up. I just want her to settle on something, every few months she seems to tease then announce some new project...or haircut lol. Seriously that buzzcut is an acid test of beauty, if anything it shows off her ridiculously beautiful face even more.

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There's something no one is considering about Rachel's buzzcut.

She's most likely going to appear in every single WTVR issue, every month. With her hair gradually growing, her image will be a little different every time.

It's just a dumb detail, but if you put it into a several-months (or even years?) perspective, it may make some sense.

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