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Barbara Mori


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Bárbara Mori was born on February 2, 1978 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her parents divorced when she was 3. She worked as a waitress when she was a teenager. In order to become actress she studied acting in CEFAC (Centro de Formación Actoral). Meanwhile, she married actor Sergio Mayer and gave birth to a son named Sergio. The couple divorced after 3 years of marriage.

She started acting in the Mexican soap "Al Norte del Corazón". However, she bacme famous after her participation in the popular soap "Mirada de Mujer", where she portrayed Monica.

In 1998 she got her first leading role as Azul in the series "Azul Tequila". A year later she filmed the series "Me Muero por Ti" in Miami. She participated in her first movie in 2000, in the Mexican movie "Inspiración".

In 2001 she acted in "Amores querer con alevosía". She also acted in plays like "Vaselina" and "Celos Dije". In 2002 she acted in "Súbete a mi Moto".

She filmed "Amor Descarado" and "Mirada de Mujer, el regreso" in 2003. In 2004 she became the protagonist of the high rated Mexican series "Rubí".

Unofficial website: http://www.gabrielblanco.cc/barbara_mori.htm

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K I had to look for this thread, cuz I watched Rubi and I wanted to know her name. So I found out on google, and came to look on Bellazon. It seems that the thread is on the last page but all I have to say is that she looked great in Rubi! Very pretty eyes.

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OMG Rubi!!! My Favourite all time Character in the world.... It was a remake of an old mexican soap opera. This telelnovela was perfect (except for the ending). Barbara Mori was PERFECT for the part. She had the looks, the attitude.. the everything!


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