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Christy Turlington

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I saw a pic of her and her two sisters and Christy is the best looking one!

Here are the pics of Christy and her sisters :)

2a2af.th.jpg 2b0ip.th.jpg

these are awesome! i havent seen a lot of these! thanks so much andrea :hehe:

ur welcome :)

thanks for the pics u have posted too :hug:

isn't she lovely :wub:

we must keep her thread alive :ninja:

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ahh cool!

you know what sucks? i have to wait for you to post because i want the thread to get longer dammit!

yes I know

stupid new BZ posting method <_<

post-379-0-1446172285-12969_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446172285-1465_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446172285-15801_thumb.jpg

post-379-0-1446172285-17051_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446172285-17522_thumb.jpg post-379-0-1446172285-18007_thumb.jpg

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One of the most beautiful models Ever! I wanted to post some pictures but it was impossible to see which ones were already posted so i gave up.

haha, we dont care! seriously, post whatever you have!!! :D

post-1254-0-1446172310-76548_thumb.jpg post-1254-0-1446172312-119_thumb.jpg post-1254-0-1446172313-03877_thumb.jpg post-1254-0-1446172313-53385_thumb.jpg post-1254-0-1446172314-38764_thumb.jpg post-1254-0-1446172314-7696_thumb.jpg post-1254-0-1446172314-9819_thumb.jpg post-1254-0-1446172315-02509_thumb.jpg

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