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Marlene Favela


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I decided to start this up because I'm currently watching "Contra viento y marea"...

Name: Silvia Marlene Favela Meraz

Date of Birth: August 5, 1978 (othersources 1976)

City: Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango

Country: Mexico

Mother: Silvia Meraz

Father: Felipe Favela

Siblings: Laura del Carmen(1970), Mabel(1971), Alain (he died), and Deborah (1991).

Marital status: single

Height: 176 cm

Occupation: actress, model


"Contra viento y marea" (2005) Telenovela .... Natalia Soler







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She reminds me of Jessica Alba.

I see the resemblence too.. but Marlene is a lot more generously figured (if you know what i mean)

She is not the best actress, but the shows that she has been in have been good ones. (for example: Rubi :heart:, Gata Salvaje and Contra Viento y Marea)

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Yes I remember watching the Gata Salvaje series, My mom watched it and I use to sometimes.. I also said she looked Soo much like Jessica Alba, like they could be related. Even when my mom seen a pic of ALba she said she looked like her too. She definetely does look prettier on tv .. Shes got the sexy lips and expressive dark eyes like alba too :heart:

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