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Hey, Soulseek is very nice! (and, for those who use e-mule, it's much faster!)

Remember there are two versions of Soulseek that doesn't work as a whole . Some users use both, but most use the old one. Well, you can use both and get the whole thing ! :)

The different forums are really nice and people are very kind over there.

I use it, too, alas, if your computer is one of the old ones with a very small HD or not much RAM, Soulseek could make it get frozen.

But, try it ! :laugh:

Legal matters.......... well, people are sharing over there. Now, if you are going to download the music to burn CD's and sell them, that's a very different thing.

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^^ Cool :gocho:

Considering that the musicians spent years of hard work mastering their instruments, I think it's the least we can do to lay down 15 bucks for a CD.

I didn't say I don't buy my cd's, because I do buy them. I collect music seriously and go after the real thing. Sometimes this is helpful in case you can't find a record you've been looking for too long in the place where you live (and that happens to me a lot, anyways, i collect rare stuff) or if you want to check an an album before wasting your money on something that doesn't deserve a cent.

David Byrne said one this, and this is what serious collectors do. Besides, you can discover a lot of great artists as well as a lot of unknown stuff of your favourite musicians.

It all depends on the person who uses this and they way she or he uses it. That's all :)

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I'm too much of a quality freak anyway. I have a few albums on CD-Rs, but I get everything on normal factory CDs when I get the chance.

same here,

I have done some downloading of albums that were never put on cd, but everything else I'm buying.

Since downloading has become illegal here it's almost a lifethreat when you get caught.

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I only downlad stuff which is not available where I live or if I don't feel like spending about 20$ on a CD. I used to buy only CDs for the money I got, so by the end of a month I was plain broke.

Sometimes I buy imports, stuff that is so rare you wouldn't find it for download (or many times not as a whole album) I have some downloaded albums that took me several months to complete.

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