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Heidi Klum

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Interview with the Phillipine Daily Inquirer:


LOS ANGELES—Heidi Klum came straight from taping a guest appearance on Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show” to our press group’s office for an interview. Sporting her new short bob look, the host of “Project Runway” appeared even taller in a cream Roland Mouret dress and Christian Louboutin high heels.

The German-born model, who became more popular for gracing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and for strutting as “Angel” on Victoria Secret’s ramp shows, immediately sat with poise—crossed legs, hands on knees and erect upper torso.

Heidi said that she was proud of the diversity of the contestants in her show. A Filipino-American, Jay Nicolas Sario, made it to the top five finalists in the current season. “Talent is all over the world,” she remarked. “It’s not just in America. People like to see normal people who have a passion for fashion.”

With her husband, singer Seal, Heidi raises four children. Below are excerpts from our chat:

In your daily life at home, what’s important?

To have fun with each other—to remember why we are together in the first place. We get “married” every year because we have so much fun getting married. I know that’s very silly but we love it. We like celebrating our love and telling each other how much we love each other. So we thought, why not? We gather our friends together. It’s a nice get-together that we do every year. We have fun.

You have a wedding anniversary coming up in May.

That will be our sixth “wedding” already. With so many, you do lose track (laughter). I do have all my wedding dresses though. I love the fantasy. With the wedding invitations, I love being over the top and really make people laugh when they get the invitations. Once, I sent invitations with our bobbleheads.

What else do you do to keep the relationship?

When we go to the Golden Globes, for example, that’s a date night for us. It’s not a job. When I get dressed, I make something special out of it. It’s like being a bride before you get married. You don’t really show yourself. Then I come down the stairs in a gown made by Cavalli, Roland Mouret or Galliano for me. Those are one-of-a-kind pieces. I really treasure those moments. I feel like a princess when I wear those gowns. I get ready in my room while my husband also gets ready. Then he waits for me and I come down the stairs. You keep those romantic moments alive.

How did you meet?

We met in a hotel lobby in New York. I was with a friend of mine when he walked in. There he was and it was instant attraction.

Did he ask you out?

No, I did (laughter). Maybe that’s the difference between German and American women.

Do you give Seal feedback about his songs?

I probably tell my husband more than he wants to hear but he knew that when he met me. That’s what he married. I have to say what I believe in. If he asked me about a certain tune and I don’t agree with it, I have to tell him the truth. The same way I tell him when I absolutely love something. When I don’t love something, I tell him. I do help him sometimes if he’s stuck on a certain lyric. We riff raff back and forth until he can crack it but usually he cracks it himself. Sometimes it’s good to bounce ideas off someone.

What was the most memorable moment for you so far on “Project Runway”?

I would have to say that one of the most memorable moments was the first episode because that was a make or break for us. Harvey Weinstein, Desiree Gruber and I created the show. This was not a show that existed before so we really didn’t know how it’s going to look. You don’t really know how it’s going to turn out when you get started, when all of a sudden those designers come running up and we give them the first challenge — to go into a grocery store with $50, pick materials and make something. They had an hour.

We were talking about this over and over again because that first challenge could have gone really bad. They could have made something that looks very ‘artsy craftsy,’ like something that my daughter would do or that I would do. We were worried that it’s not going to look as serious as we wanted it to be because our goal was to find real designers and not just someone who makes a funny Halloween costume that looks glued together.

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Advance WARNING: Heidi will appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show this Thursday (29 April 2010)! :cool:

AGAIN on Ellen? OMG ... i think Heidi will go on everybody's nerves - slowly... :blink:

I find it impossible to believe that Heidi could get on anyone's nerves. :Angel:


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