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Wexner adds 72 Victoria’s Secret models to land swap offer

Aspen Daily News Staff Report

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thong-peddling gazillionaire Leslie Wexner made what he called his “last best effort” to compromise with the Pitkin County commissioners on Wednesday, offering them 72 Victoria’s Secret models — including county resident Heidi Klum — in exchange for Mount Sopris.

Wexner, owner of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie chain, has been upping his offers to the county for a land swap that would privatize the entire mountain and keep commoners away from his private 62,000-acre Goody Two Shoes mountain estate. The underpants mogul has complained that he does not want any public hiking on the mountain, which looms above his home.

He says he dislikes the smell of anyone who has less than $40 million in their pockets within 12 miles of his home.

Hip Hop Curet/Aspen Daily Planet

Underwear magnate Leslie Wexner threw 72 Victoria’s Secret models into the package of incentives to get the land swap deal he’s been whining about for a year now. “It’ll sweeten the pot,” said Wexner, “and I always get what I want.”

“What the hell more can we give you frickin’ people?” Wexner’s lackey asked on his behalf at the meeting, after a 3-hour-20-minute speech from Commissioner George Newman about the lack of public benefit in the offer.

Wexner then offered them $1 billion for a public bike park far far away from his home, some old farm in Garfield County and a lifetime supply of fishnet crotchless thongs for Commissioners Rachel Richards and Patti Kay-Clapper.

“We want Klum,” Commissioner Jack Hatfield cackled.

“Yes,” chimed in Commissioner Michael Owsley. “Give us Klum, take the mountain.”

And then Wexner did.

He is now working on a plan to block views of the mountain from anywhere in the Roaring Fork Valley other than his house.

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Just before Heidi Klum gave birth to her beautiful new daughter we shot for a new line she is doing with motherhood maternity called 'Lavish'. Some of the shots are attached (and I'm shooting for the same brand today-love a gorgeous belly!) Happy Friday...




Russel James Facebook.

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Cosmopolitan USA May 2010


Cosmopolitan's May cover girl is sexy supermodel Heidi Klum. She opens up to the magazine about everything from her breakout modeling gigs to hit TV show Project Runway, and husband, Seal.

On her and Seals famous love of dressing up for Halloween:

"I'm not big on costumes in bed, to be honest. I wouldn’t say no if he wanted to try, but it seems so inorganic. Maybe it'll come later - in 5 or 10 years, I'll start buying funny outfits. But for now, we're nice and spicy in that department."

On starting out as a model and landing in New York:

"I could not get a job to save my life." I was in a sh*tty apartment, I didn't know anybody, and my English was terrible."

"But it was my last stop, so I thought if I just try harder - if I just stick around a little longer. I didn’t want to go home having failed."

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ez_c Yes, I think she have more magazines for 5 month 2010, than the entire 2009


Glamour Germany (or Dutch)

Grazia Germany


InStyle USA



Marie Claire USA

InStyle Poland

InStyle Spain

InStyle Cz

InStyle Germany




Tatler UK

Cosmopolitan USA

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