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Raquel Zimmermann


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^ Noo she has to do VS. Unless she is shooting something better, or going to be in a baz luhrmann film :rofl:. the fact she is not orange vs coloured concerns me though. although trentini was there to it seems to be an anna wintour event so that would explain why they were there. i'd be surprised if trentini did not do VS.

thiago you are on summer break in 2 weeks? that is not fair it is freezing here! raquel and raguel? :rofl: noo raquel needs to do an ed with taylor fuchs :heart:

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I really want to see Raquel at the VSFS this year! And Trentini! and I'd love to see Raquel in an ed with taylor fuchs! It'd be funny :laugh: - wait, no. I thought he was the guy that looked like Raquel but that's James Cooper. :p Anyway, I just hope she doesn't shoot with that male model that was with her on the Interview editorial :x

And yes summer break in 2 weeks! :dance: Hopefully :ninja:

And thak you Vamp for the pics! She looks beautiful there :wub:

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yay i wish i had magical powers to do with essays on medieval literature :rofl:! yay im excited for the interview editorial and its not with jamie burke this time! :clap: noo thiago taylor fuchs is beautiful.i know it sucks no trentini or raquel at VS, though maryna and lara looked gorgeous some of the other girls were rubbish.

heres her us vogue ed...

The Gliteratti

Ph. David Sims

Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman

Magazine: Vogue US December 2008

Scanned by Luxx at TFS

th_94856_glit1_122_548lo.jpgth_94858_glit2_122_976lo.jpgth_94860_glit3_122_587lo.jpg th_94862_glit4_122_134lo.jpg th_94870_glit5_122_681lo.jpg th_94871_glit6_122_190lo.jpg

i love the last shot, im sure thiago is thinking right now i wish she was wearing tabitha :rofl:

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Medieval literature? :| I fell asleep just by reading the name :p She wasn't at VS but Marc Jacobs is much better, I hope they shoot in a boat in Venice, that would be nice.

And her US Vogue editorial is great! She looks amazing :wub2: And thank god for no wigs, though I do enjoy making fun of tabitha :rofl:

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hahhaha noo noone even gets killed in this literature, the stupid knights cry and show their feelings in morte darthur :rofl: i am writing an essay on corruption in the church i can see why you went to sleep reading it thiago :rofl:

i am excited for the marc jacobs campaign, i hope he brings her around with him like a handbag like he did with posh for a while. or puts her on a boat whichever of the two :laugh: oh and most of all that another big fashion house gives her a campaign to like balenciaga, miu miu, cavalli something..

celine i will think about getting a sword though :rofl:

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