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Ksenia Mezenina

Fierce Chloe

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Sandra Kirilovic Interviews Ksenia Mezenina

NateBlack | Nov 10, 2009

Ksenia Mezenina is one of Canada’s hottest imports. At only 20 years old she has already taken the fashion and beauty world by storm. I sat down with Ksenia on behalf of the Lion’s Den University to discuss love, life, and modeling. Guys with short attention spans, feel free to skip ahead and read from the bottom up.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Ultimate goal? I want to live a long and happy life with a big family and many friends, who would also be healthy and happy! I want to wake up one day when I am about 95 years old and think that this life was great, I have accomplished and tried a lot of things and I am happy!

There are so many goals! And they change or add up every day! Pretty often I think that I will not have enough time in my life to do everything I want! Yes, I am pretty ambitious. I am a student at York University, majoring in International Studies, and I wanted to become a diplomat. It requires a lot of studying and time and life sacrifices to be a diplomat, however would like to be an ambassador to Canada. I want to have a great family and have several kids! I also am a very sociable person and have great organizational skills, thus, I am thinking to start a company that would be organizing events and weddings.

Who are some of the supermodels and/or celebrities you have met?

I was fortunate to work with quite a few well known figures. Some of them are Coco Rocha, D-Squared twins Dean and Dan, Pamela Anderson, Alecia Keys, and many others. And every single one of them was very nice, friendly and down to earth!

What agency do you model for?

I am signed with Elite Toronto and Elite Miami.

Anyone who has set foot on a subway, bus, or public transit in the last six months has seen you sexy back in the Jergans ad. What is it like to model for ads, catwalks, and magazines like Hollister, Louis Vuitton, and Elle magazine?

Think about it as a regular job, but you have to do “job interviews”- castings almost every day, sometimes more than once a day. So, it is fun to a certain extent, but if you want to achieve success, more than likely you will have to run around the castings and wait till someone notices you. I love doing it though, and I can certainly say that “modeling” has taught me a lot and developed essential skills for any other job and for life in general. Whether it is Hollister or Louis Vuitton or some little company that no one knows about, you are there to do your job, and it’s not easy: long hours, early mornings and late nights, running around the castings, and holding your personal emotions and believes behind the shot, basically, whether it is a still or a moving shot you always have to play a role given to you that you do not necessarily love. You are there to look pretty and sell the product with your face and body language, and that’s what you are paid for, no complains.

How did you get into modeling?

I have tried a few things when I was still living in Russia and was invited to go to Paris, however, right at the same moment my family got an invitation to come to Canada, thus, I never went to Paris. Once I came to Toronto, a friend of mine invited me to a small agency who introduced me to Elite.

What do people always say when they hear you are a model?

First, people usually suggest me to go modeling, and when I say I already am a model they say: “So, you don’t eat?” Just to clear it out, models are humans and we eat. Most of the girls just try to choose a healthier lifestyle and eat small portions more often. I love eating, cooking, and I eat chocolate and at night time.

Any model tips for our readers on how to look extra good in a picture?

You do not have to try too hard to look good in a picture. Beauty is very subjective, everyone is beautiful. You should always show your personality, if you see a good picture you can usually see person’s personality. So, just be yourself in front of the camera and you will get a great shot!

Some describe you as the muse and face of Lucian Matis. Tell us about him and his line.

I heard someone saying that and was very pleased. I have been working with him for the past year, and let me tell you, he is sooo talented! Lucian might have lost to Biddel in Project Runway Canada Season 1, but he won the award for having the most potential as a Canadian designer. Lucian himself is a fun, outgoing, down to earth and open minded person. It is always a pleasure to work with him. His collections are always supremely sensitive that make you feel very feminine and beautiful! He uses beautiful fabrics, details, draping and he puts a lot of thought and passion in his collections. Watch out for Lucian Matis, his collections will be on the biggest runways anytime soon!

Best modeling gig, worst modeling gig, and most embarrassing gig: tell us.

The best modeling gig was shooting for A&F, Hollister, with one of the most amazing photographers- Bruce Weber. He is the one who shoots for Calvin Klein. He has a different style of shooting and I learned a lot of new things from him. While working for Hollister and A&F, all the models who were on set also got to work with a very famous acting coach from LA, so this particular job was full of new things and opportunities.

I can’t say it was the worst job that I have ever done, but as a model you tend to get in the situations that you would not be in on a regular basis. I was working in Taiwan 3 years ago, and one of the jobs was for a shoe company. So, the shoot was outside, and it was +35 C and sunny, I had to wear winter boots, but just to mention that I am wearing shoes size 9, and those boots were size 5-6. I managed to put my feet in, but can you imagine what it was like? :)

And, as far as embarrassing moments, nothing surprises me anymore, and nothing embarrasses me anymore either. We, models, are used to pretend that we are laughing, crying, fighting, etc in front of the camera and other tens of people looking at us.

Alright gentlemen…

Are guys intimidated by you? If yes, do models want guys to come up to them?

I know many girls-models who are being attacked by guys, I was never really that popular, may be as you said it is “intimidation”. If guys are nice and do not have any bad intentions, of coarse, any girl would want these guys to come up to them.

Turn-ons and turn-offs?

Confidence. Can be good or bad. For men it is important to be confident and ambitious, but not too much, otherwise it will be disgusting. There is this balance that one should always try to maintain in everything.

What is the worst pick-up line that’s been used on you?

I hate pick up lines. They all always sound very cheesy! Just smile and be yourself and don’t try to say something “cool”, it usually does not turn out good.

What is hottest on a guy: arms, chest, abs, or legs?

It is certainly not only about some part of the body, but rather about the personality: chill and fun, caring and confident, but, hey, not too confident!

What do you look for in a man?

Oh, I guess I just almost answered that question before. Well, it is whatever my man has :) I think any girl wants her boy to be looking good, stylish, caring, smart, charismatic, fun and ambitious!

Fave “position”?

Weren’t we talking about modeling? :)

The guys are all asking… they are dying to know where they should go to meet a girl as beautiful and down-to-earth as you?

Oh, you are being too nice! Look around yourself, may be this girl is right next to you but you didn’t even think she is that close! Go out there, meet people, and do not try not to play around too much; it is what girls do not like. If you think this way, it is always harder for girls to meet guys, that the other way around. There are more girls on this planet, I am sure, every single one of you will find someone, and hey, all girls are beautiful!

What are male models like…cool, creepy, man-whores, what?

You know, I used to say I will never date a model, although my man used to model before, but he is a different type of guy. The reason why I am saying this is that most of the guys-models are a bit spoiled, they know they look good, they are always around many beautiful girls/models, and are usually not serious. No, not men-whores, but like to play around a lot.

Thanks to Ksenia for taking the time to chat with the Lion’s Den University! We wish you continued success!

Also check out her video from last year’s competition!!!


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