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Ana Porgras


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^:D :hug:

And, fyi, I'm pretty certain the facebook page I got this off of is not really Ana. But, then again, who knows? I've never met her. Maybe she's entirely egotistical and she gets a real thrill out of posting pictures of herself mid-routine. Just seems doubtful. :idk:

image.jpg phmbi.jpg phoGr.jpg phraA.jpg phtFJ.jpg

phw9S.jpg phyF0.jpg phB99.jpg phDEi.jpg phG8r.jpg

phIDA.jpg phL7J.jpg phNCS.jpg phQ70.jpg phSC9.jpg

phV6i.jpg phXBr.jpg ph_5A.jpg pi1AJ.jpg pi44S.jpg

pi6A0.jpg pi949.jpg pibzi.jpg pie3r.jpg pigyA.jpg

pij2J.jpg pilxS.jpg pio20.jpg piqx9.jpg pit1i.jpg

"Ana Porgras"'s facebook

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post-24824-0-1446105385-56748_thumb.jpg post-24824-0-1446105385-58906_thumb.jpg

A Word with Mariana Bitang

The lovely Ioana has graciously translated interviews with Mrs. Octavian Belu. Mariana Bitang is definitely back in charge, as the hallmarks of all Belu and Bitang interviews are beginning to re-emerge.

Libertatea: Pleased with the girls' results?

MB: I'm very happy for the two medals, but especially for Ana. Her success is all the more valuable since we had very little time to prepare for this event. [i.e. the real preparation only started when B&B came back]

L: Before Worlds, you were reserved about medal chances...

MB: We did not want to pressure the girls. Besides, we had been away from the gym for a while and the girls alll came back after serious injuries. Ana was in a cast for 3 months. She really wanted to compete on all events and -fortunately- her leg held out. If she'd prepare very well, she could be among the best at the 2012 London Olympics.

L: Could we count on Izbaşa for London?

MB: She's only 20 years old. If you take a look at the vault champion, Alicia Sacramone or uneven bar champ Beth Tweddle, they're 23 and 25 respectively. I hope the mishap from Worlds (7th place on floor) would motivate Sandra to keep going.

L: Do you think Izbaşa made a mistake before the competition when she said in an interview that she does not hope to medal?

MB: On the contrary. She made a mistake because she wanted it too much. She had a very serious injury and the important thing was competing [again].

L: The girls had clean routines, but lost due to [lack of] difficulty

MB: The COP was changed and it's true that the difficulty of a routine counts more than execution. It's good we saw where we stand right now.

A few quotes from GS:

Ana on the first World gold medal for Romania in 9 years. "I can't find the words; the medal's is amazing. But when they play the national anthem, you think about the work behind it. When you struggle, when you work in the gym, when it's very difficult, when you can't go on, you think about moments like these and get over everything a lot easier."

What's next for her? "My future will be almost the same, in the gym, a lot more work."

Sandra Izbasa the floor Olympic champion cried in Rotterdam. And they were not happy tears. After stepping out of bounds twice in her routine, she finished 7h with 13.983 pts, missing the one gold medal she's missing from her collection."She wanted it very much, but that's what happens when you want it to much. Had she done the same routine as in qualifying she'd be a World champion. We will see it this failure will motivate or demoralize her," said Bitang

Ana "I've been waiting for this moment for a very long time. My biggest dream is an Olympic medal, but this title is also a dream. This medal will give more confidence."

"Mrs Bitang will probably congratulate me, but the beam routine was not perfect, so I expect some admonishments because this could have been even better. I did better [on beam] in the all around."

"From my point of view, Worlds went well. From the moment I got here, I wanted to go through all routines without any falls. I did and perhaps that makes me happiest."

Bitang: "They are medals that will give them confidence. It's hard to get on top, but even harder to stay there. They need to be conscious that they need to keep progressing even on the events they won medals"

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Congratulations to Ana for winning the Most Elegant Gymnast of the Year in the Couch Gymnast Awards.

Most Elegant Gymnast of the Year: Ana Porgras

From the moment she caught the gym world’s eye, there was something very, very special about this little gymnast. She had a quality to her movement that few gymnasts have. It is not something learned, but something inherent that causes her to move with incomparable grace and beauty. We are lucky to have her around.

Here is what readers had to say:

This girl is like the icing on the world’s greatest cake. Absolutely sublime.

Several gymnasts of the list have very enjoyable performances, but Miss Ana P. just wins this. She is just another story. She works beam like no other and her floor work is just a masterpiece.

She is lovely. I know Tatiana Gutsu was nicknamed the painted bird, but Porgras seems well-suited for the nickname as well. Beautiful, delicate, lines.

she is SOOO beautiful as a gymnast in and out! beautiful lines, form, personality, she’s amazing!

I realize it’s a popular choice but her elegance is just so undeniable. It’s more fluid than Nastia, more delicate than Mustafina. Like watching a beautiful ribbon twist in the air.

It has to be ana! so beautiful in her movement, lovely lovely floor exercise. musicality, flexibility and an aplomb and gravity in her work… shes just so gorgeous to watch!

she has such a beautiful balletic style! And it must be her own style because Romania is not known for elegant gymnastics.

Ana’s floor routine and beam work reminds me of why I fell in love with gymnastics in the first place. She’s bringing the pretty back to the sport.

she’s my favourite gymnast in the world at the moment, i think she deserves this award because she is the most naturally elegant, she has to be because they aren’t exactly handing out elegance and Deva, i also love Dementyeva so she is a close second but her elegance is not as smooth or flowing as Porgras’

Never thought I’d ever describe another Romanian as ‘elegant’!

Porgras has a way of making everything she does look less like athletics and more like dancing.

No words needed…

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Also, she took second place as "Tough Cookie of the Year".

2nd: Ana Porgras, Romania, performing on bars on an ankle injury during the 2010 Euros.

"Her competition at Euros was extraordinary, and it hurt to see her staggering after bars and beam in clear pain, especially when she couldn’t even walk down the stairs after her heavy double pike dismount off beam. She really loved and helped her team"

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Ana took second place for "Choreography of the Year" in The Couch Gymnast Awards.

2nd. Ana Porgras, Puia Valer, Both regal and balletic, every step and every mannerism of Porgras's routine suits the ineffably graceful gymnast perfectly.

"Porgras' FX routine is just pretty simple ballet steps put together, but she's totally put her own stamp on it! And how much has the routine grown from 2009, very captivating!"

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And she also took third place as Gymnast of the Year.

3rd: Ana Porgras, Romania.

Porgras brings so much to the table with her difficult gymnastics, but it is her style and the fragile beauty of her movement and choreography that make her so special. As one reader noted, this young woman has gone from barely being able to walk away from the beam without help, to walking away from it a World Champion in the space of a few months. That, my friends, is a successful year.

"Utterly beautiful"

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Ana Porgras Interview - Romanian Nationals 2010

A translation someone wrote in the comments:

The reporter wanted to know about her two falls from the UB during event finals, and Ana replied it was all because of a brief moment when she lost focus, causing her to miss the bars.

- Mrs. Bitang [one of Ana's coaches] scolded you after that, didn't she?

- Yes, and she had good reason to. But I've already put it behind and I'm gonna keep trying my best.

- Your beam set, on the other hand, was perfect.

- Not really, it could've been better.

- How about the future?

- The Worlds are just around the corner but my long-term goal concerns the London Olympics.

- But how about the Worlds, what are you hoping for?

- I hope I could medal on BB [balance beam] and UB [uneven bars] and on floor maybe, why not?

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