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Which Name for the site do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which Name for the site do you prefer?

    • LimaX
    • Ishtar
    • Venus

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LimaX is a fantastic name, but it means that it's a forum solely dedicated to Adriana Lima. Which it is not, because there are other models and celebrities. Ishtar sounds great too, but what does it mean? It sounds like an arabic or indian name. I don't like the Venus name though, it sounds like something completely random. I need to know what Ishtar means before I can vote. :)

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Guest quasicartes

if you choose limax, a comp company of the same name may sue you.

if you choose venus, the women's shaving stuff company may sue you.

i think ishtar is also some name people have chosen already.

so may i suggest booyakasha?

wait, since it was ali g's mark, we should create our own cool word eg. beauqoiz? (dont try to figure out the meaning, its only a trashy cool name.)

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Oh I see. Hmmm... I say we come up with a better name than all of the ones above. Chill + Relax = ChilaX. So maybe we can come up with something similar to that, yet totally different. If you get what I'm saying. So does that sound good?

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Ishtar, if I select from those 3.

Its more all inclusive.

And its an ancient name for a description of lust.

LimaX is too much focused on Adriana, which is too specific.

I like Adriana too, but this site shouldnt be all about her, and from what I see, it really isnt.

No need for such a name.

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