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Utada Hikaru


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Date of birth: 19 January 1983 New York, USA

Kazuaki Kiriya (7 September 2002 - present)

A huge Edgar Allan poe fan. Strangely enough, they share the same birthday.

Her mother was a popular Japanese singer.

Attended Columbia University.

In an unusual arrangement, remains signed to Toshiba-EMI Japan for Japanese-language recordings and records for Island/IDJMG/Universal for English-language recordings.

Underwent surgery to remove a benign tumor from her ovary.

Managed/produced by her father and married to her video director.

Her favorite movie director is Hayao Miyazaki

A self-proclaimed bookworm.

Spokesperson for NTT DoCoMo mobile phones.

Other albums include Precious, and Deep River, which went multi-platinum and made her among the 100 wealthiest people in Japan

Her mother, Junko Utada, a.k.a. "Keiko Fuji", was a popular enka (Japanese ballad singer) in the 1970s

Japanese pop singer. Released first album and single "First Love" in 1999, and embarked on hugely successful 'Boheman Summer' concert tour in 2000. Released second album 'Distance' on 28 March 2001.

Dicography (Albums)

1. First love

2. Distance

3. Deep river

4. Single Collection

5. Exodus

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