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The Walking Dead


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Anthrax's Scott Ian Blogs About His 'The Walking Dead' Zombie Experience


"Next was making sure I could convincingly walk like a corpse. I just did what felt natural, started with a broken ankle which would cause me to lean, let my arm swing like dead weight, head forward, blackened teeth (Black Tooth!) gnashing. I showed my walk to zombie pro Joe (didn’t get his last name) and he approved. He said I looked dead! No walking notes." said Ian. "No zombie faux pas (typical rookie mistake would be arms up like Frankenstein). I guess I am just genetically wired to play the undead," he jokes."

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...
i know, i was like "oh shit....this is gonna be good".

now it has become all touchy feely emotion stuff. lollll

i watch a show about zombies for the zombies dammit

I wonder if one of the problems is, there are so few characters? If the Zombies pick of 2 or 3 there will be barely anyone left. :D

Lets hope for some more action in the next couple of weeks.

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i think this is with the change of director (if i recall that being an issue earlier), so maybe a&e wants it to be mroe of a drama with some zombies in the background. to me, that will be lame and will doom this show.

If thats the case the director really needs to check out the title of the show. :D

We want more zombies.

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