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Sara Eller


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Came across her while browsing Select Models..she is very striking :blush:


Height 5,9 1/2 - 176

Bust 34 - 86

Bra A

Waist 24 - 61

Hips 35 - 89

Shoes W 6/39 /7.5

Hair Color black

Eyes brown

Select Model Management

post-34463-0-1445993882-35173_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445993882-36214_thumb.jpg

post-34463-0-1445993882-37486_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445993882-39336_thumb.jpg

post-34463-0-1445993882-40117_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445993882-40897_thumb.jpg

All images from select-models.com

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She is back with Select. Noticed her two days ago, they had her listed as Sarah Heller for a day too. :laugh:

thats probably her real name.

the reason she might be back on the site might be a mistake. sometimes when they work on sites things like that happen. keep checking to see if she still is up next week.

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She is 22 years old from Israel. She was discovered by Roberto Models who she was signed to for a while. Her pictures are mistakenly being used as Sarit Huys as well as Elissa Sursara. Some of her pictures are used in Huys's FMD as both were at one point signed to Roberto Models but as far as I can tell Elissa Sursara doesn't exist or the other fake model/actresses known as Eliska Sursova or Eliska Amor.

Her real name is Sarah Heller but due to different translations of her name she has booked under Sarah Heller, Sarit Heller, Sarita Heller, Sasha Heller, Sarah Eller, and Sarit Aler. Now, she most commonly books under the name Sarita or Sarah Heller even though she prefers to use Sarah Eller as her non-Hebrew spelling of her name.


Currently signed to

Add-Ca Tel Aviv as Sarah Heller

PMA Models- Hamburg as Sarita

Select Models- London as Sarita and Sarah Heller

formerly of :

Roberto Models- Tel Aviv as Sarit

Nathalie Paris as Sarah Eller

Ice Models- Sarit

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Israeli Editorial- July 25, 2010

Producer: Roy Danoch

Photo: Amir Yahel

Assistant cameraman: Shin

Styling: Hadas Drutman

Hair: Roy Daniels

Makeup: Glory Gottlieb

Model: Sarah Heller to Robert

*info translated not 100% if the names are exact

post-43653-0-1445993885-77442_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1445993885-79319_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1445993885-81179_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1445993885-82511_thumb.jpg post-43653-0-1445993885-83063_thumb.jpg


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