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  1. I haven't posted in a while but I just wanted to say I am sooo delighted Candice got the Fantasy Bra this year! She is the best model VS has. I love all the Brazilian girls but whenever there is a commercial or show my eyes automatically fix on Candice. She has the total package. Ethereal beauty (her face is like a classic movie star/goddess), the best body in the business, and professionalism as a model (no diva like behavior). Since she shot her first campaign in 2009 there has been no other model who has worked as hard for the brand. How many store openings and VS events has she done? Yes, VS clearly prefers her but she also does the work for them quietly and unceremoniously. She has always been gracious to her fans. And what I like most about her is that she leads a relatively modest life outside of her work. She's not canoodling with celebrities at A-list parties. We rarely see her at red carpet events unless it's for charity. And she still stays with her boyfriend she had before getting famous. All this points to a very down-to-earth girl in my books. I don't use the word "hater" very often because everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the people who criticize her or slam her for getting the FB are simply that....haters. She is a standout model and a true beauty. Can't wait to see her in the show!
  2. I don't think either of them is slutty but they are both very sexual with the way they present themselves. Xenia is gorgeous but there's no denying that she is where she is today because of her extreme confidence and ease at showing off her body. I think some fans prefer VS girls to be more like Barbara Palvin or Sara Sampaio who are sexy but not always showing it off. But again everyone is different and some girls may appear to be more innocent but really are not! hehe. Anyway, with social media and society's increasing ease with sex, I think we are moving away from the days of discovering beauties like Natasha Poly or Petra Nemcova walking down the street and gradually seeing them earn supermodel status. Models like Nina Agdal, Xenia Deli and most recently Emily Ratajkowski are starting off by showing off as much as possible and it doesn't seem to affect their modelling careers in a negative way.
  3. She's now with Wilhelmina in New York and Miami. She's going to be in the Guess S/S 2014 Campaign! Good for her! She seems like a very nice, down-to-earth person so it's great to see her succeed. From her Instagram:
  4. I agree. And I just wanted to add that it is really refreshing to see a girl, model or not, who cares about the important things in life. She doesn't go to red carpet events, she doesn't go boating with famous celebrities on Yachts in the South of France, she doesn't have tons of paparazzi photographs. She isn't the type of girl who falls in love with famous men (models, actors, athletes). It's so refreshing because I feel in society today people get so caught up in the material things. They value fame, money and designer clothes and want to be around the people that have them. Candice has all three of those things but you can tell they don't mean anything to her. I personally love to see her pictures with Hermann: lying on a beach in Brazil, watching the sunset, playing with little kids and animals. It's so endearing. She could seduce any guy in the world with her beauty but she's been with him for years. And I love how he supports her quietly, not looking for any spotlight for himself. In my opinion, that is the real fairytale. Who cares if he's famous or not
  5. thank u so much for all JenkinssNa!!! Especially the Yeni Inci pictures!
  6. BIG NEWS! I just saw on Francisco's real Facebook (the one with all his family, friends and girlfriend) that he's going to be a FATHER! His cover photo is a photo of Jessi Ann's Sonogram from September 21st. Here it is: His facebook profile is viewable and the picture is public so I hope it's ok to re-post it. But wow! I wonder what his parents and his sisters think? He's only 21....still a baby himself. One thing for sure - that baby is going to be gorgeous. If he's happy then that's all that's important. Congrats Francisco
  7. I say this not only as her fan but even as a casual observer....her and Hermann are one of the most beautiful couples I've ever seen in my life And she looks stunning in that video. The best thing about Candice is that she's extremely photogenic....yet even photos don't capture how beautiful she is in real life
  8. OMG Thanks for these pics! I love this look on her! True she's got the best body in the biz but she's also got that face that looks like an absolute fairytale. Lovely Candice
  9. I hope she's not pregnant (even though I would be so happy to hear news like that). I hope she's not only because I love to see her with a slightly more fuller figure. She's such an example of being healthy and beautiful. I have nothing against skinny models but after seeing a few of my favorite, Rosie HW and Miranda Kerr, in real life...I was surprised at how thin they are. Irina is just so exotic and beautiful looking and her figure is flawless. She looks good with a little more curves I think. And thanks for the pics guys She was stunning in Cannes.
  10. It's cute that she spends her free time riding a bicycle around New York and hanging out with her parents, instead of walking the red carpet at Cannes or sailing a yacht along the coast of Italy like many other supermodels. She is so down to earth.
  11. Oh my, what a beauty she is! I love how natural she is on the red carpet. She is a fairytale come true.
  12. Very OT but I love her and Herman together! I would never want her to date someone famous because I like that she's out of the spotlight and she has so much recognition simply, only from her work! She doesn't attend launch parties in Vegas or get photographed going to the gym. Nothing against Irina or Miranda, I like them too, but Candice is a different type of girl and I love that about her. She's the beautiful girl with the perfect face and (IMO) the most amazing body in fashion, and yet out of her "model" role she lives a somewhat anonymous life on the beach in Brazil, listening to Bob Marley or biking around NYC and playing with her puppy. Herman is very handsome too, and he reminds me a bit of Johnny Depp. They are sweet together. I hope they never change. And thanks for all the pics everyone
  13. It's actually sad to see him waste a promising career for someone like her. I used to love him as a model and I always looked forward to his new work, but his work over the last few months has been underwhelming to say the least. I'm younger than both of them and even I think the videos and comments they make are immature and tacky. If you're in love, that's incredible, but don't let that overshadow your work as a model. That's a part of your life to keep private and enjoy. But it seems like it's more her than him and she influences him greatly. She trolls all his Facebook fan pages and if someone dare post a picture of him and his ex, or say something bad about her, she can't resist leaving a comment and asking him to make some sort of whack "official statement" about their love. I'm sorry but she's not even remotely beautiful compared to most models and her body is odd. The only way she gets attention/work is by being the girlfriend of one of the top male supermodels. Even so, Francisco needs to wise up. There are plenty of other young male models who come across as harder working and more committed (River Viiperi, Simon Nessman, Alexandre Cunha). Modelling doesn't last forever and Jessi Ann is not worth sacrificing even a mediocre modelling career, let alone a top career!
  14. Her look so beautiful and unique, especially the back of her dress. Supermodels.com and Modelinia both said Candice was the person they were most looking foward to seeing tonight
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