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Gwen Stefani

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Cantor    0

Gwen Stefani was born in Orange County, California on October 3, 1969. As she was growing up she was strongly influenced by "ska" and "punk" music. She grew up with her Mom, Dad, two brothers(Eric, and Todd), and one sister, Jill. When Gwen graduated from high school she attented "Cal State Fullerton College". Her band "No Doubt" was started by her brother Eric Stefani, and a friend of his John Spence in 1987. Gwen joined later on as lead singer. Even later, Tony, Adrian, and Tom joined the band. They released their first album "No Doubt" in 1992....

Official - http://www.nodoubt.com/

Fansite - http://www.geocities.com/gwenstefaniplanet/

Site - http://www.absolutedivas.com/gwen/



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Yep, She's married to Gavin Rossdale. I read a news story today, that said that the red dress she wore on the cover of the Tragic Kingdom album was stolen from a rock and roll museum in Orange County.

It said that no questions will be asked if it is returned to the drop box at the museum. They suspect two girls who were hanging around the display case looking suspicious. :laugh:

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i liked her when the'ex girlfriend " came out with pink hair..but i still love her..she's the living proof that you can wear ll that skimpy stuff that she wears and still look classy and be considered a fashion icon

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