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Food Inc


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Cast: Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser

Director: Robert Kenner

Writer: Robert Kenner

Studio: Magnolia Pictures

Plot: An unflattering look inside America's corporate controlled food industry

Website: http://www.foodincmovie.com/

TAKE ACTION: http://www.foodincmovie.com/sign-the-petition.php :heart:

Get involved, this effects every human being on the earth whether you like it or not! :ninja:

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ooooooooooooooooooooh nice!!!

for the moment i just saw the trailer, but i will see the documentary.

unfortunately, i don't understand every words XD just 9/10... sometimes less with their accent :ninja::whistle:

this is the problem with the united states. the biggest part of population aren't agree with this kind of "politic" but if the business is good, the government doesn't take care of people healt. and when you know that 80% of the american production are GMO, it's just really freaky and scaring!

people should be able to know what they eat!

and it makes me "laugh" because they often promise they will stop the famine all over the world... but how is possible when you know that A : they don't produce more and B : farmers are OBLIGATED to buy new seeds every year and this is very expensive!

result the big companies (not only american) buy the farms, they grow up when and little farmers are ruined. so very easy when they want to buy food/eat... without money and without their own farm

the majority of cereals (soybean, wheat, corn...) are produce for the animals... and when you know for 1kg of meat you can have 10kg of cereals this is really incredible... only with cereales for american animal we could stop the famine on earth.

they prefer their hamburgers (sometimes not eatten, just finish in the garbage) and money at the animal suffering, the deforestation, water/earth polution because of the animals and cereals' pesticides (i can add air polution too, because less trees, less oxygen...) and human famine it's disgusting and scandalous!!!

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Richard Linklater really dropped the ball with Fast Food Nation. It was fine, but nothing more than a post-Spurlock meets Dirty Pretty Things tired old bag of non-revelatory immigrant woe (with celeb cameos). Should have made it a docudrama. Anyway, is this any good? I might add it to the never ending pile of films I should watch.

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at first, when i saw the thread's title, i don't know why but i imagined it was Fast Food Nation XD i don't know why... :laugh:

i don't remember well this movie... i just know there was Bruce Willis, Avril Lavigne was a student, mexican people, a guy with an amputated arm (or leg... or it was something else ?), there were hamburgers and cows XD

in same times, with this kind of movies/documentary, there are often the similar... they repeat the same things but this is always interesting!

we know politic sucks and major companies makes money and don't take care of populations... this is not new but (stupidly) we still hope one day it will change... we can dream!

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