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Julia Valimaki

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Julia Valimaki


Born: 2 November

Where: Finland

Height: 174 cm

Bust: 82 cm

Waist: 61 cm

Hips: 89 cm

Bookings: Paparazzi Helsinki, V Model Mgnt. Paris, ICM London, Louisa Hamburg/Munich

Apparently there is also a female hockey player, Julia V�lim�ki, not to be confused with this gorgeous model. A lot of people have said she's boring and there's nothing special about her, and I think that's probably because she doesn't appear to have any endearing or unusual flaws/features like a lot of the other popular models. Embrace perfection, people. ;)

post-1662-1129948278_thumb.jpg post-1662-1129948263_thumb.jpg

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Nope, I'm just your plain old American.

Here's Julia's portfolio. According to theones2watch.com, she's only 17.

post-1662-1130009293_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130009313_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130009329_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130009356_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130009378_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130009393_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130009409_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130009898_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130009929_thumb.jpg

And some shoots.

post-1662-1130010388_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130010405_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130010438_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130010474_thumb.jpg



post-1662-1130010650_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130010670_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130010695_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130010729_thumb.jpg

post-1662-1130010861_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130010896_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130010927_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130010950_thumb.jpg

post-1662-1130011008_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130011025_thumb.jpg

post-1662-1130011062_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130011101_thumb.jpg

post-1662-1130011151_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130011170_thumb.jpg

post-1662-1130011196_thumb.jpg post-1662-1130011217_thumb.jpg

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These scans didn't turn out so nice, or they did, but when I edited them, dark lines appeared on them.. so sorry.

Finnish Trendi, December 2005

Scanned by me

3566302_trendi_dec_05.th.jpg 3566312_trendi_dec_05_02.th.jpg 3566318_trendi_dec_05_03.th.jpg 3566325_trendi_dec_05_04.th.jpg 3566367_trendi_dec_05_05.th.jpg

3566368_trendi_dec_05_06.th.jpg 3566372_trendi_dec_05_07.th.jpg 3566375_trendi_dec_05_08.th.jpg 3566379_trendi_dec_05_09.th.jpg

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Difficult to decide if she's a beauty when she's looking gorgous in half of the pictures and death striken in the other half ... is that because the photographer should be shot :clobber: or because she's really strange :alien: ... hoping to see more of her!

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Swedish Elle, October 2005

Photographed by Jimmy Backius/Lund Lund

Scanned by me (not the greatest scans, also the paper quality had something to do with it..)

post-1923-0-1446145676-41033_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1446145676-42564_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1446145676-44773_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1446145676-4681_thumb.jpg

post-1923-0-1446145676-47834_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1446145676-5022_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1446145676-5239_thumb.jpg post-1923-0-1446145676-53754_thumb.jpg

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