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Ming Xi


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Ming Xi.

Discovered by

The Famous Elite Model.

What's next

"I want to be a big model. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I believe that will be one day I do it perfectly!"

Personal style

"I love everything special or unique. Sometimes I love girly clothes, sometimes I love strong boy looks. You never know what is the next look of Ming."


I love fancy shoes, really high heels with lace or a big flower, like the last collection by Dior. I love hair which makes women look sexy and soft. I love my black hair but some times I'd like to be blond, but I don't think it suits Asian girl... What a pity!"

Fashion tip

"The Pucci dresses in this fashion week are really sexy and also elegant! You can see a little part of lower back. So so sexy."

Favorite dress

"I love elegant Pucci, also fancy Dior. You know both of them will make you sexy and hot!!"

Favorite city

"I love Milan a lot! I love the buildings there!"

Favorite music

Classical music.

Favorite food

Meat and Chinese food.

Favorite drink

"Chinese milk tea with bubbles! I'm sure you will love it!"

Favorite movie

The Duchess, bu Saul Dibb; Price and Prejudice, by Joe Wright; Sherlock Holmes, by Guy Ritchie.

Favorite book

The books of Chinese female writer, Zhang Ailing.

Favorite designers

"So many good ones! So hard to choose."

Personal motto

"Man proposes, God disposes."

First thing in the morning

"Stay in bed and go back to my dreams."

Last thing before bed

"I read if I can't sleep."


March 8th.

Born in

Shanghai, China.

Lives in

"In my suitcase!"


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