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Why my thread has been moved ?


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^ Since he is a person, it is more appropriate if he was in a forum with other people instead of a forum with movies and movie games ;)

Are you kidding? Marie-Monique Robin is a woman. A one second glance at the thread would have made this abundantly clear.

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yes, but it wasn't a tread about her private life or her body... but only about her movies... :whistle:

in my opinion, the best place was in the "movies" section...

does it impossible to create a thread about a movies director in the "movies" section ? :blink:

does it obligated to talk about cinema, "dvd" and documentary in the "hot guys " and "babes" sections ?

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Hypothetically, if I were to start a thread about Stanley Kubrick, chances are that I wouldn't want to post lots of pictures of a camera shy bearded man, because well, why would I? But discussion about his films, the thing people might be interested in, that'd be worth keeping in the Movie section, surely.

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