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Organ donation


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i would donate a liver to somebody close to me if they needed it

um also i have this idea that organs should be harvested from living criminals who are serving life sentences or up for death sentences.

I mean.. it costs like 500 dollars a week or something from taxpayers to keep a killer in jail. Might as well jack their organs for the good guys.

Anyways goodluck with everything :)

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olala XD

at the beginning, doctors can take our organs only if we are in a coma 4. it's mean you're alive but your brain is dead... so sometimes you would like to give your organs but you didn't ask to be on the list and your familly refuses... that's why this is important. i didn't talk about liver or kidney

about criminals, i think this is a bad idea because some people could be jugge guilty only for it.

if i'm not wrong (and i didn't really understand the technique) in China, the state took their organs but they are stopped there are 2 or 3 years ago... and as you certainly know, China is very famous for their execution... this is not the best place to be arrested by police and judged...

normaly (because it can be more expensive...) the 5 most important organs cost 80 000 euros (110 000 $ i think)

by the way, you know, so many people need organ donations and i don't think there are so much killers... it's just a big non-sens. XD

and in same time, there is a link between the health and the criminality. when you need a doctor because you (or someone of your familly) is sick and you can pay... sometimes criminality can help you to pay the bills...

criminality come from the laws and the states too...

i think it's better for people to know if they wanna be on the list than maybe kill innocent people because states could make a business on "criminality".

in same time, if more people feel concerned about it maybe the organ price could be less expensive... and the trafic could be less important. when you know in affrica some people are kidnapped and killed because they steal their blood and organs and sell them around 10000 $ (sometimes less) and in country like india people sell their kidney against 6000$... unfortunately, doctors don't take care of them, don't "follow" their health and they often die after few months of suffering.

or sometimes people need to go at the hospital because they think they need a surgery of the tonsils and when they left the hospital someone has stolen their eyes.

it just a way to be more responsable, fight the organs trafic and maybe save a life. :yes:

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how old are you ?

in france you can be organ donor when you are 15 years old.

it was the same for me. when my parents discovered i was organ donor they weren't happy at all. their reaction is just really stupid and i'm the only person in my family to be on the list.

but in same time, it wasn't a big surprise... when i became vegetarian, during 2 year my father "insulted" me and when i wanted to work/make voluntary in hospital or orphanage they made me blackmail... so.

i think people have the feeling it's a "sacrilege" to be "amputated" of their organs and in same time, they don't like it because we take a decision about our death. it's scar them because they don't think it's natural... it sure it better to burn them or make them rot in a coffin...

this is sad because in some countries only 1/3 of people in a coma 4 (or their family) give their organs... and not because of the religion. the majority of religions have nothing against organ donation.

they keep people in the coma (and this is very expensive and without hope because as i said, with this kind of coma our brain is dead) and thousands people die or are sick and spend their time in hospital... and this is very very expensive too...

there are 10 years ago, when i was in hospital it cost between 500 and 1000 euros per day (700 and 1300$) and now life is more expensive... and the pay is always the same!

by the way, even if you pay 700 per day, sometimes doctor make nothing.

for example, when i was younger, i spend a month in an hospital without treatment... a real shame!

i think you should do what you want. freedom is the most important thing on earth.

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