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Conan O'Brien


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Did you see his final Tonight Show? Are you a fan from way back when? Do you have a coffee mug with his name on it (I do)?

In case you missed his final night, check it out here http://tv.gawker.com/5455131/cocos-last-da...p;autoplay=true I especially urge you to watch the address he gives towards the end. Such class.

On a semi-related note, screw you Leno!

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I :wub: Conan, but I wasn't one of his old fans who carried over to The Tonight Show every episode. I'm sorry, Conan, this is all my fault! :chicken: I watched the last week though and it was great. It's always fun to see someone trash his bosses on air, and the surprise guests were great. Letterman getting in on the act was funny too. I do wish the ending of the last show was better though. That "Free Bird" rendition was just stupid (poor Beck and Billy Gibbons clearly had no idea what they were doing there), but Neil Young made up for it earlier.

I hope no one watches The Tonight Show when Leno goes back. Bastard. Screw NBC too. They deserve all their low ratings.

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I loved conan as well, hes such a classy guy, and the best humor..and he makes fun of himself which is great. :) I will totally miss him alot and i think its BS that he can't host a show for 7 months, how fucking retarded. But i hope some network picks him up because hes just great :wub: NBC can suck it, and so can Jay Leno. He had his time...A LONG TIME AGO old man.

The last CoCo eppy was great. I loved how he jammed on his guitar and did what he did, free bird was a great song to go out too..and during his final speech, he got emotional which shows that he cares so much for what he does, and for his fans. It got me a lil teary-eyed as well because he didn't deserve to just be handing his show back. :( but i know its not the last we will see of him. But I will always remember him as the host of the tonight show.

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I won't remember him as the host of the Tonight Show. Late Night was his thing. I think he lost something when he moved to LA anyway. Show was better imo back when he was on at 12:30. Man I love him.

His humor isnt for everyone though, even I got kinda tired off him. This past year ive been watching Craig, he's so effortlessly hilarious its amazing.



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Conan on Twitter

Conan launched his Twitter account just weeks ago and quickly climbed into the social network site’s most popular users with over half a million followers – still short of the 4 million-plus heights of Twitter king Ashton Kutcher, however.

In other Conan news, the former “Tonight Show” host is reportedly planning a live tour, with The Hollywood Reporter’s Showbiz 411 blog reporting this week that the gigs will kick off in mid-April.

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