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Josh Lucas

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Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer : When Josh arrived in Hollywood, there was already a Joshua Maurer in the SAG directory; Josh Lucas became his stage name.


June 20, 1971










New York City

Stomping Grounds

Grew up travelling around the South as a child as parents were anti-nuclear activists; lived on the Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, from 1977-1982; attended Sullivan's Island Elementary School. At age 13, the Maurer family moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, where Josh graduated from Gig Harbor High School (1989). Has a lot of friends from the Atlanta area.


Mother is a nurse-midwife and Father is an ER doctor. Has three younger siblings: Two sisters and a brother.


Supports charitable organizations, including:

- amfAR

- Shifting Baselines

- Save the Children

- Only Make Believe

YouthAIDS Ambassador since 2005:

- YouthAIDS

source www.joshlucas.com

jlucas03.th.jpg jlucas02.th.jpg joshlucasjoshlucas79031.th.jpg

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thanx for posting this tread

he is a great actor since i saw him in posseidon i,m following his moves

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he's so cute!

thanks for starting a thread, he totally deserves it! :heart:

i think the first time i saw him was in the tv series "Snowy River: The McGregor Saga" and i totally felt in love by his eyes... :)

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thanx for the cute photo,s some i hadnt seen before

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