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Wentworth Miller


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He's not in your face hot, but he is hot indeed. He makes Prison Break, it's great show, but man. He makes EVERYTHING on that show worth it.

I know what you mean. A lot of the times, in your face hot is = one night stand hot, and over rated

Imperfections make him not typical hot, which is soo boring.

I like a guy with some edge, he's rugged.. a really man and not just some pretty boy.

I'm totally attracted to this guy because he's not in your face hot, but you want him in your face

Heck, I want him in my bed... all night long!

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damn .. that's a big sig.... uhh

I hate seeing him kiss the prison doc on prison break... she's so not in his league. ARG she's too ugly for him! Yess... the sexy voice :drool: :drool:.. Wentworth is my not so secrete male-obsession!!!

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