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Mathias Lauridsen


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o my god

i love this thread)

Yeah, :hell yea!: this is the best thread for the best model ever but don´t tell anyone

Don´t want to be accused again :beating: :beating: :beating: for thinking all other models are second best.

Have you been welcomed here already- if not:


Sorry, I am getting old! :blush:

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His teeth are pretty strange. I think I've never seen them before. :shock:

Yes, I found his teeth in the above .gif pictures strange too. They looked too big and his face looked too skinny. <_< :whistle: :blush: But in all other pictures his teeth - face ratio looks perfect. :laugh: :drool:

I think it's just the make up and the angle that picture was taked made his teeth look like that <_< :blush: Otherwise his teeth are perfect, straight and even. Every dentist's dream :laugh: :laugh:

No matter how is teeth looks like Mathias is awesome, the prettiest thing ever :drool: :heart: :heart: :kiss: :kiss:

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Yes, our perfect mans teeth are a bit long ( got some pics which were posted already- but I don´t want Mathias to lose fans) and he got an overbite but that is what his profile make so cute.


He always look like a little boy from this side :heart: :heart: :heart:

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I don't see anything wrong with his teeth :jimmy: ...Perfect!


But, what I do see...are those beautiful, long eyelashes (noticable in every picture)! :wub:

Copenhagen fashionweek ---> we can start our official serenade to Mathias titled "Please, be there (so we can have new pictures)" :guitar:

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