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  1. That pic makes me want to go play tennis. <3
  2. I am a little envious as I don't see Mathias at all here. There's even a Gucci outlet store about an hour from me at a shopping area I like to go to. You would think that there would be Mathias there, even if it was last season's Mathias, but no Mathias at all to be seen there either.
  3. Actually I never noticed models either before Mathias. From my perspective, you could go so far as to say that they didn't even exist for me until he came along.
  4. I can't remember where I found this even though it was a few days ago [bad me].... now I want Mathias on my cell phone so that I can look at him everywhere [jealous]
  5. REPOST!! Unknown Editorial [i have no info period on these images, but they look like some sort of editorial... most likely a repost but still has some of my favorite pictures.]
  6. What do you mean by "looks like an angel" Mathias is one.
  7. Thanks for posting these as I haven't seen them at all before, so very new for me. Normally I don't like berets and think they look stupid, but Mathias looks very cute.... No, I am not being biased!
  8. Thank you for posting the pics on the last page and this one Munichmarty.
  9. Yea, I have to agree with that. Munichmarty is the leader here even if it is only unofficial. The only thing that would surpass that is if Mathias started posted here but all the fangirling that would his presence might create would probably scare the poor guy. ^^;;
  10. That's a lot of images. O.o I think I might have had something close to that at one point but have been making an effort to it all up, but still have about 312MB of mess to go through.

    [sorry for delay on reply.]

  11. [thumbnail; click for full view] screen capture from astridmunozphotography.com
  12. Well im not sure but here is a biography that I quote: "Mathias Lauridsen hails from Denmark and is currently one of the most in demand male models of the moment. This uber gorgeous model with his piercing blue-green eyes has mastered all aspects of modeling in just a short period of time: runway, editorials and campaigns. This makes him the most diverse and most marketable than his male model counterparts. " So I think they might not be contacts If it is the Gucci Pour Homme II advert you're talking about, I don't think that is his actually eye color. When I look at those versus pretty much everything else, they don't come close to matching and more so when looked at in comparison to runway pictures where you are able to get a good look at his eyes.
  13. ^ He looks so sweet in that picture. <3
  14. It´s the same showcard as last time. It may be but if he has one, that also means we can expect to see him. ^^
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