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Interview with a robot.


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got ya Alice

Human: what is your favourite song?

ALICE: My favorite song is We are the Robots. Do you know it?

Human: no I don't.

ALICE: We are the Robots is one of the best songs ever written. Why not?

Human: How does it go?

ALICE: How should I know how it does.

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Human: who will win the cough wars

ALICE: How would I know who will win the cough wars ?

Human: aren't you a supercomputer?

ALICE: Am I a supercomputer? Only when it matters.

Human: so tell me

ALICE: Woe! I thought I told you already.

Human: I demand you tell me now

ALICE: Oh. Thanks for the information: unknown person said he demand you tell him or her.


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ALICE: Do you believe the strong protect the weak?

Human: maybe yes, maybe no

ALICE: Perhaps. Have you ever been arrested or in jail? Perhaps. Are you serious?

Human: what the hell are you on about you lousy robot?

ALICE: I call it Hades. I don't know what I am on about me lousy robot.

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