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Filippa Hamilton


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I've come to the conclusion after viewing this thread that she is the hottest thing to ever come out of France! :drool: :wub:


While I love Filippa, I have to say that the hottest, most beautiful thing to come out of France is none other than the gorgeous Laetitia Casta. ;) :wub:

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While I love Filippa, I have to say that the hottest, most beautiful thing to come out of France is none other than the gorgeous Laetitia Casta.  ;)  :wub:


Sorry Heather, but I'm going to have to agree with Grandpa on this. But Laetitia would definately be number 2 on my list. :laugh:

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You may have noticed Filippa Hamilton, the hot new model with the luxuriously long brown hair, aquiline porcelain features and piercing green-eyed gaze. She has been catching the attention of the fashion world this year, which has turned the 16-year-old's life into a nonstop schedule of photo shoots, runway shows and appearances for the industry's most well known, most notably Ralph Lauren. We caught up with the current face of Polo Ralph Lauren in between busy shoots in Paris and Miami to learn more about the woman behind the look.

Polo.com: Where are you from?

Filippa: France and Sweden.

Polo.com: Where do you now call home?

Filippa: Andorra, a small country located between France and Spain.

Polo.com: How did you get discovered to be a model?

Filippa: French photographer Marc Hispard discovered me in Paris.

Polo.com: What has been your favorite part of modeling?

Filippa: The shoots, like the one for the Ralph Lauren campaign for perfume in Miami.

Polo.com: What has been your biggest challenge in your modeling career?

Filippa: Walking and working in high heels at my first show.

Polo.com: What is a typical work day like?

Filippa: Waking up early, getting ready for a shoot and going on set with a great group of people.

Polo.com: What does it feel like to walk down a runway?

Filippa: I feel proud to have been chosen by the designer.

Polo.com: What are you trying to portray when you're modeling for a photo shoot or walking down a runway?

Filippa: I'm trying to portray myself in the eyes of an amazing photographer.

Polo.com: Can you share with us a funny or embarrassing moment on any recent photo shoot?

Filippa: On my second shoot in Italy, I fell down!

Polo.com: Can you share some modeling tips?

Filippa: Be yourself and if you are very young, travel with your mother!

Polo.com: What favorite style tips have you picked up since becoming a model?

Filippa: Never pluck your own eyebrows.

Polo.com: Is there anything you never leave home without when you're traveling to shows or to a shoot?

Filippa: My Mum!

Polo.com: When did you first meet Ralph Lauren?

Filippa: One year ago, just before September 11th.

Polo.com: How does it feel to be the current face of Ralph Lauren?

Filippa: It is a dream come true.

Polo.com: How have your family and close friends reacted to your success?

Filippa: They are very happy for me.

Polo.com: Have you managed to stay close to your family and friends?

Filippa: Yes, I see them as often as I can.

Polo.com: What is your favorite thing to do on your off-time?

Filippa: Painting, and hanging out with my friends.

Polo.com: Where do you like to go for vacation?

Filippa: Hawaii

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