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Marta Krupa

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Name Marta Krupa

Other Name(s) Miss HTV December

Age 23

Height 5' 6" (168 cm)

Build Slim

Eye Color Brown - Dark

Hair Color Brown - Light

Date of Birth May 10, 1986

Birthplace Warsaw,Poland

Star Sign Taurus

Nationality Polish

Ethnicity White

Occupation Model

Celebrity Index Ma

Claim to Fame Miss Howard TV December 2007 along with sister Joanna



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Thank you for recognizing Marta! Too bad photos of her are so hard to find on the web. IMO she's even hotter than her sister Joanna and that's saying a lot!!! :gocho:

You're welcome :)

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Star Magazine's 3rd Annual All Hollywood Party in West Hollywood 03.04.2011

Marta looks here so sexy. Hotter than her sister Joanna.

th_933389213_Tikipeter_Joanna_and_Marta_Krupa_All_Hollywood_Party_028_122_443lo.jpg th_933407163_Tikipeter_Joanna_and_Marta_Krupa_All_Hollywood_Party_018_122_13lo.jpg th_933418355_Tikipeter_Joanna_and_Marta_Krupa_All_Hollywood_Party_019_122_559lo.jpg

th_933427299_Tikipeter_Joanna_and_Marta_Krupa_All_Hollywood_Party_020_122_567lo.jpg th_933437324_Tikipeter_Joanna_and_Marta_Krupa_All_Hollywood_Party_021_122_760lo.jpg th_933450747_Tikipeter_Joanna_and_Marta_Krupa_All_Hollywood_Party_023_122_389lo.jpg

th_933462816_Tikipeter_Joanna_and_Marta_Krupa_All_Hollywood_Party_024_122_415lo.jpg th_933474880_Tikipeter_Joanna_and_Marta_Krupa_All_Hollywood_Party_025_122_224lo.jpg th_933487211_Tikipeter_Joanna_and_Marta_Krupa_All_Hollywood_Party_026_122_151lo.jpg


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She's hotter than her sis now, she had less work done on her face. :ninja:

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Marta is very hot, but her face looks without photoshop in Candis not so nice. Her face acne prone and she is very painted. Still i like her face. And her awesome body. :drool:

post-13830-0-1446096074-08739_thumb.jpg post-13830-0-1446096074-14451_thumb.jpg

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