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Donna Mitchell

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Not a girl next door type, Donna was a dark haired, sophisticated, european looking girl with huge blue-gray eyes and limpid eyelids, that were perfect for makeup.

She was a top cover girl of the early 60’s and 70’s. Later she went into acting and has created a long list of film and television credits, but unfortunately never the starring role.

She was a muse for Bob Richardson in particular.






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Vogue Italia, September 1970

Photographer : David Bailey

Models : Jane Hitchcock, Donna Mitchell & Marisa Berenson

post-59683-0-1446069237-29062_thumb.jpg bbbcde191088178.jpg post-59683-0-1446069237-61424_thumb.jpg post-59683-0-1446069237-6253_thumb.jpg

Imc Magazine, uploaded by voguegirl89

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Vogue France, March 1968

Photographer : Bob Richardson

Models : Marie Leforet, Donna Mitchell & Agneta Darin

post-59683-0-1446069234-63041_thumb.jpg cce7e7191140752.jpg post-59683-0-1446069234-8638_thumb.jpg 08fce4191140761.jpg post-59683-0-1446069235-17385_thumb.jpg post-59683-0-1446069235-19882_thumb.jpg post-59683-0-1446069235-25437_thumb.jpg dfb7a1191140769.jpg post-59683-0-1446069235-30857_thumb.jpg post-59683-0-1446069235-33005_thumb.jpg post-59683-0-1446069235-37454_thumb.jpg post-59683-0-1446069235-39495_thumb.jpg

Imc Magazine, voguegirl89

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