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Daniela Botero

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Maxim Mexico 2016-03 - no nude :yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky::yucky:


4a65b8470133706.jpg 51b2cb470133709.jpg 60e5ab470133710.jpg 12adec470133716.jpg 3a7145470133720.jpg 6e5a2e470133723.jpg 247451470133727.jpg 0fcf21470133733.jpg 7874a8470133735.jpg 6b1f4d470133736.jpg 0e27ac470133740.jpg cc43e2470133743.jpg e4004d470133746.jpg 2d6943470133755.jpg f3caa8470133758.jpg


This magazine is really ridiculous. The magazine promises to be a modern magazine, photographs date from 1950, 1960. Girl hidden behind a veil, the whole body is hidden. Ridiculous.


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