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Saint947 posted 09-11-2005 17:51

Well- I'm a two-timing bastard, and have 2 hickies on either side of my neck from a rather nice catch last night... Problem is I have a girlfriend, and don't want her to find out. (This is why I'm a piece of shit.) So, how can I remove these hickies in a timely manner? I've used the chapstick cap trick with mild success, but I need to get rid of them entirely- (for the most part..)

Help me out!


The_Rabbi posted 09-11-2005 17:53

You can't. Nyah.

It really does serve you right, but you probably knew that already. Here's hoping you burn in hell. Cheers.

Lotek posted 09-11-2005 18:20

be proud

bailoutaccount posted 09-11-2005 18:21

First you need to understand the anatomy of a hickey:

Hickeys are formed by blood vessels that have broken due to extreme suction force, and your blood pressure limits how fast they can heal. Where is this blood comming from you say? While the total answer is all over your body, I would say the 'problem blood' is comming from your head/face area.

So what do you do?


Chemical Lye




First, clear all of the hair away from your face, and then apply the lye liberally.

Second, apply the water.

Third, take a picture that I can add to my hall of successes.

You're welcome.

Saint947 posted 09-11-2005 18:26

I've seen Fight Club, as well as taken basic Chemistry.

You're an asshole.


bailoutaccount posted 09-11-2005 18:28

I am a biochem major. I could fuck you up worse than you ever knew. I just used a pop-culture example that you wouldn't try and sue me over.

Saint947 posted 09-11-2005 18:32

Like I would attempt any hickie-remedy involving Lab Chems, or household cleaners for that matter.

I'm a Japanese Major, and I could give you a kanji tattoo that says you have a small dick, while you think it says Dragon or something.

We all have our areas of expertise- Use your powers for good.



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omg - :rofl: what an ass, if he wanted to cheat he should have gone out of his way to tell the girl to sck him off some where else. Men are usually worse cheaters than women ... you have to cover up the proof.

Love bites are great.

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