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From Russia with Love

The red head: Elena Sergeevna Katina (Елена Сергеевна Катина), or Lena Katina, born October 4, 1984, in Moscow, Russia. She is the youngest of three children born to Sergey Vasilyevich Katin, a renowned Russian pop music author, and Inessa Katina.

The brunette: Yuliya Olegovna Volkova (Юлия Олеговна Волкова), or Julia Volkova, born February 20, 1985, also in Moscow, Russia, is the only daughter of Oleg Volkov and Larisa Volkova

Info from wikipedia.

These girls burst on to the scene because of the risque song 'All the things she said' dispicting gay love. In the video they kissed and everyone asked, ' Are they lovers?'

All the things they said was their only successful song in the USA.

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'All About Us' is so insanely catchy...

I remember back when the 'All the Things She Said' video came out and everyone was making a big deal :laugh:

I don't really care that so many people dislike them, I think they are very talented, one of my favourites as far as music goes. cute too. :heart:

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they used to be extremely popular in Russia in 2000-2001...I was a schoolgirl then, and I remember that time, when all my classmates were singing their songs during the break in school :D

i don't think that they will be so popular again

frankly speaking, you are true :( they've completely lost their image which had made Julia and Lena sooo popular...

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