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  1. thank you for posting this clip. Well, I am impressed with Natalia - that's all I can say and I did not expect that I will say it about this movie. I still have not seen it but from this clip I get a good feeling. How about you guys?
  2. she gives her own (she is the author) recipe of simple Blini (very much like crepes) but they are slightly unusual because they are made with barley flour instead of regular wheat flour. 3 eggs mixed with 250 mg of reduced fat milk and 2 table spoons of barley flour and a bit of olive oil. She also says that she will be on Trafalgar Square on Feb 26 at the annual Russian festival Maslennitsa and awaits all friends. aww, i meant Neva speaking to Natalia when she gives her a piece of pancake - she asks a question, and Natalia answers in Russian, and I need to know what the question was...I guess it starts with "why..."?
  3. Neva is so lovely By the way, what does she say to Natalia? I can't understand...
  4. I got your point, and can't disagree. the cover is lovely too, a very beautiful shot (especially her mom's comparing to the previous pictures of her)
  5. I highly doubt that this article was written by Natalia herself. I believe that it's just an extended retelling of "Russian Cinderellas" story, seems like Natalia just approved its content and added a few words to what has been told before.
  6. i don't think that this word has a special meaning; it's more appropriate to translate it as "i'm sorry to disappoint you, but..."
  7. how can it be if she's going to star in a movie
  8. she looks yummy-yummy there i do miss teen look of hers. and i wonder what do you mean with the second line?
  9. i remember this picture, it was taken a year ago. she's flying back to London after eurovision rehearsals
  10. i like this picture much more than one in the previous article
  11. my pleasure you know, i don't think that Natalia would do something to change people's mind about her; i believe that her outfits are reflections of her current mood or state of mind. my favourite Natalia's looks are slightly messy, boylike and very elegant, aristocratic on the contrary. like this:
  12. i have to agree with adolf; it's hard for me to hear Natalia speaking Russian too. however, as Eos said, she did a great job while learning English, what means that Natalia is smart at learning new material. i remember her mother talking in "Russian Cinderellas", and she didn't speak very well too; maybe Natalia took this manner of speech from her, who knows
  13. по правде, я по жизни не очень-то слежу за всякими скандалами, поэтому мне сложно сказать, где у журналистов предел наглости) но судя по последним статьям, по этому гаденькому языку, которым они пишут, смелости у них на многое хватает. но то, что они много шумихи наделали, меня тоже настораживает. кстати, а что это за интервью, про которое ты говорила? его в сети найти можно? by the way, Viktor is turning 3 soon
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