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Katrina's Real Name


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Katrina's real name


THE HURRICANE that struck Louisiana yesterday was nicknamed Katrina by the National Weather Service. Its real name is global warming.

When the year began with a two-foot snowfall in Los Angeles, the cause was global warming.

When 124-mile-an-hour winds shut down nuclear plants in Scandinavia and cut power to hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland and the United Kingdom, the driver was global warming.

When a severe drought in the Midwest dropped water levels in the Missouri River to their lowest on record earlier this summer, the reason was global warming.

In July, when the worst drought on record triggered wildfires in Spain and Portugal and left water levels in France at their lowest in 30 years, the explanation was global warming.

When a lethal heat wave in Arizona kept temperatures above 110 degrees and killed more than 20 people in one week, the culprit was global warming.

And when the Indian city of Bombay (Mumbai) received 37 inches of rain in one day -- killing 1,000 people and disrupting the lives of 20 million others -- the villain was global warming.

As the atmosphere warms, it generates longer droughts, more-intense downpours, more-frequent heat waves, and more-severe storms.

Although Katrina began as a relatively small hurricane that glanced off south Florida, it was supercharged with extraordinary intensity by the relatively blistering sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico.

The consequences are as heartbreaking as they are terrifying.

Unfortunately, very few people in America know the real name of Hurricane Katrina because the coal and oil industries have spent millions of dollars to keep the public in doubt about the issue.

The reason is simple: To allow the climate to stabilize requires humanity to cut its use of coal and oil by 70 percent. That, of course, threatens the survival of one of the largest commercial enterprises in history.

In 1995, public utility hearings in Minnesota found that the coal industry had paid more than $1 million to four scientists who were public dissenters on global warming. And ExxonMobil has spent more than $13 million since 1998 on an anti-global warming public relations and lobbying campaign.

In 2000, big oil and big coal scored their biggest electoral victory yet when President George W. Bush was elected president -- and subsequently took suggestions from the industry for his climate and energy policies.

As the pace of climate change accelerates, many researchers fear we have already entered a period of irreversible runaway climate change.

Against this background, the ignorance of the American public about global warming stands out as an indictment of the US media.

When the US press has bothered to cover the subject of global warming, it has focused almost exclusively on its political and diplomatic aspects and not on what the warming is doing to our agriculture, water supplies, plant and animal life, public health, and weather.

For years, the fossil fuel industry has lobbied the media to accord the same weight to a handful of global warming skeptics that it accords the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -- more than 2,000 scientists from 100 countries reporting to the United Nations.

Today, with the science having become even more robust -- and the impacts as visible as the megastorm that covered much of the Gulf of Mexico -- the press bears a share of the guilt for our self-induced destruction with the oil and coal industries.

As a Bostonian, I am afraid that the coming winter will -- like last winter -- be unusually short and devastatingly severe. At the beginning of 2005, a deadly ice storm knocked out power to thousands of people in New England and dropped a record-setting 42.2 inches of snow on Boston.

The conventional name of the month was January. Its real name is global warming.

Ross Gelbspan is author of ''The Heat Is On" and ''Boiling Point."

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The Earth has a tendency to keep an equilibrium by going through cycles. This is some crazy sh!t :(


This is exactly what's in the Fa Lun Da Fa books.

It mentions that after a certain time, the Earth will get restarted. The cycle keeps happening because humans keep on sinning, so the gods have to punish us and start all over again all the time. I agree on this, except the gods' part.

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The world's gonna end in 2012 aanyway... Just check the Mayan calendar!


I am sick of people keep saying the world is going to end soon.

Because why?

Because I used to believe all that bullshit.

A few years ago, I believed in Nostradamus who predicted that in 1999 the world would come to an end.

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And what happened?


And we all died.

We are all in heaven now.


if we're in heaven. how come bad shit still happens? and people are still dying?


Let me tell you a story:

It's about 3 guys who enrolled in a course called "Business Law".

Unlike other subjects, the failure rate for this subject is relatively high.

The course consist of a 30% of the overall mark assignment and 70% of the overall mark exams. The exam is open-book.

Guy A:

-He had failed this course and was re-taking it now.

-As he had failed, he vowed to do better this time.

-Therefore, he studied harder, blah blah blah...

-He had 90% question-answering rate in class.

-He had 21/30 for his assignment.

-For exam, he brought his own notes, lecture notes, textbook and some "special" notes: a book specially made for him by a law teacher.

-The night before, he had 7 hours of sleep.

Guy B:

-He had never failed the course and thus had the "take-it-easy" attitude.

-Therefore, he skipped every single lecture without fail, paid little attention in class, etc

-He had 50% question-answering rate in class.

-He had 21/30 for his assignment. (Same as Guy A).

-For exam, he brought only lecture notes and textbook, as he had no notes of his own.

-The night before he had 0 second of sleep. He had to study for another subject, as he had two examinations (Intro Management and Business Law) tomorrow.

Guy C:

-He had 50% question-answering rate in class.

-He had 12/30 for his assignment.

-Of all three students, it was obvious that he had studied the least.

-For exam, he brought exactly what Guy B brought, lecture notes and textbook only.

-He had 2 hours of sleep before the night before.

Everyone expected Guy A to do really well (distinction and above or 70/100 plus), while Guy B had a 60% chance of failing and Guy C had a 90% chance of failing.

In the end,the overall marks turned out to be really... ridiculous.. BOTH Guy A and Guy B got a bare pass, 53/100, while Guy C had 52/100.

Moral of this story:

If you think you are suffering or bad things are happening to you, count your blessings, for there will always be people worse off than you.

I kid, the true moral of the story is hard-work doesn't pay, because in God's eyes, everyone's equal! JESUS LOVES US ALL! YAY! :fun:

When bad things happen to you, you are mad. But, when you see worse things happening to others, you feel better already! Like how Guy B was happy that he passed and even got the same marks as guy A, until he learnt that a bigger slacker than him got almost the same mark as him.

In case you wonder, Guy B is me.

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The world's gonna end in 2012 aanyway... Just check the Mayan calendar!


I am sick of people keep saying the world is going to end soon.

Because why?

Because I used to believe all that bullshit.

A few years ago, I believed in Nostradamus who predicted that in 1999 the world would come to an end.


i'm pretty sure that Nostradamus didn't actually predict that. that was a screwed up ineterpretation apparently. i'm pretty sure that he forecasted some Islamic invasion of Europe before the world ends or something. something to do with a guy called Chiron or something . . . . used to be all up on Nostradamus and other stuff but alas, i have lost most of my interest

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Nostradamus had not predicted anything accurately.

Further, he had a penchant for writing things in riddles.

Actually, he had to do that, because he lived during the time when pagans, sorcerers and necromancers were persecuted by the Church.


yep . . . i know that he used riddles and some allegedly have been deciphered to suggest that the third antichrist would come and there would be some sort of war and that this guy called Chiron would come along. my old book speculated that it was 'the islamic invasion of europe' and all this other stuff . . . i'm not saying that he's right at all. obviously it is easy to mould riddles and things so that they fit contemporary events, etc

btw, i don't actually believe that his predictions are correct.

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What is this anti-Christ?

There has never been any.

How can there be the third?

Anyway, back to topic, in the latest South Park episode, it was mentioned that there has been no statistical evidence to prove that global warming is happening. Instead, the problem with New Orleans is the town was built below sea level. It was only a matter of time, before it got severely flooded.

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