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Nicholas Lemons

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OH NO!! He covered an OK tattoo with a truly bad one. Dont you just hate when the most beautiful people get the ugliest tattoos?? uggggghhhhh

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On 9/11/2011 at 3:13 PM, liika said:

what would this means :ermm:


Nick + Campbell was a short-lived fashion line by Nicholas Lemons. It was a luxury line launched with a fall/winter underwear line in 2012 (iirc) and had its last line in 2014 or 15.  

This was probably not the best choice of graphic for the homepage since he violated his restraining order after allegedly choking his girlfriend.


His family had experience in the apparel industry.


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On 1/25/2008 at 3:47 PM, Liliana said:

Does anyone know where he is from and age?


I know this sounds fake, but he's actually from Paducah, Kentucky.


Born: 13 Jun 1981. This good ol' boy was an Abercrombie model back in the day. Like most in that era, he was more likely to have clothes as props rather than actually wearing them.

d8da04e9a7a62167c726f4cae18e8b53.jpg nicholas_lemons_(17).jpg

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The Abercrombie Holiday issue reminded me that he did another holiday catalog. In 2009, Nicholas Lemons did 1 of the 3 Undergear Holiday covers – along with Ben Pamies and James Guardino. Lemons modeled the Andres Velasco holiday line and appeared on the cover in the string bikini from that line.

2009-4c-UG-HOL-Holiday-Nicholas-Lemmons.jpg 800full-nicholas-lemons.jpg 21053_269540183822_181529_n.jpg giftwrapped.jpg

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