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  1. Great thread, by the way. Nice galleries. πŸ‘
  2. Back when the earth was still cooling, Tobias Jenkins did some work for International Male. While his "must-have" sheer tiger-stripe shirt may not have stood the test of time, his classic looks have. Like many early IM photo shoots, this was a location shoot.
  3. The Abercrombie Holiday issue reminded me that he did another holiday catalog. In 2009, Nicholas Lemons did 1 of the 3 Undergear Holiday covers – along with Ben Pamies and James Guardino. Lemons modeled the Andres Velasco holiday line and appeared on the cover in the string bikini from that line.
  4. I know this sounds fake, but he's actually from Paducah, Kentucky. Born: 13 Jun 1981. This good ol' boy was an Abercrombie model back in the day. Like most in that era, he was more likely to have clothes as props rather than actually wearing them.
  5. Nick + Campbell was a short-lived fashion line by Nicholas Lemons. It was a luxury line launched with a fall/winter underwear line in 2012 (iirc) and had its last line in 2014 or 15. This was probably not the best choice of graphic for the homepage since he violated his restraining order after allegedly choking his girlfriend. His family had experience in the apparel industry.
  6. Undergear. IM/Undergear is normally my strongsuit. I can ID about 350 IM/Undergear guys, but the remaining ones are a little obscure. 42. Campaign-level model for GB2 (Good Boys Gone Bad.) Can't remember the name. 43. Paulo Grillo. Brazilian model. Did Some DMK undies work and Undergear. 47. Danny Nunez. He's a fashion and underwear model and reality TV star of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, . 48. Justin Maina. Fitness model from Florida. Great model and on-air spokesman. 50. Good Devil Campaign-level model. The name will come to me at 3am a month
  7. Hugo Boss US 30. Todd Trofimuk. Fitness fashion and catalog model. Also had his face on the blonde Just For Men hair color box for years. Along with Undergear, IM and Men's Fitness.
  8. Saks Fifth Avenue 73. Josh Truesdale Fashion, fitness and underwear model. Here is a shot for Undergear.
  9. Let me give it a shot – although it is a lot like playing scrabble when all the letters are gone but the "X" and "J"! OTTO 48.Thierre di Castro Garrito. Cover model for Men’s Health Brazil and Undergear in 2006.
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