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Julia Stiles


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Julia O'Hara Stiles (born March 28, 1981 in New York City) is an American stage and screen actress. After beginning her theater career in small parts, she has moved on to leading roles in plays by writers as diverse as William Shakespeare and David Mamet; her film career has been both a commercial and critical success, ranging from teen romantic comedies such as 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) to dark art house pictures such as The Business of Strangers (2001). When Stiles isn't working, she actively supports a variety of progressive and liberal issues.


JuliaStiles89.th.jpg JuliaStiles88.th.jpg JuliaStiles87.th.jpg JuliaStiles86.th.jpg JuliaStiles85.th.jpg

JuliaStiles84.th.jpg JuliaStiles83.th.jpg JuliaStiles82.th.jpg JuliaStiles81.th.jpg JuliaStiles80.th.jpg

JuliaStiles79.th.jpg JuliaStiles78.th.jpg JuliaStiles77.th.jpg JuliaStiles76.th.jpg JuliaStiles75.th.jpg

JuliaStiles74.th.jpg JuliaStiles73.th.jpg post-897-0-1446145411-48746_thumb.jpg JuliaStiles54.th.jpg

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