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Amanda Moore


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First Name: Amanda

Last Name: Moore

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: American

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Brown

Date of Birth: 10 September 1979

Zodiac: Virgo

Place of Birth: Pensacola, Florida

Amanda Moore hails from Florida, USA. She was a college basketball player. Her modelling career started when she took a neighbour to a scouting event and was discovered instead.

Amanda Moore: From Nothing, to Gucci, to 'Got Milk?'

February 6, 2001

The fairy tale of the girl who accompanies her friend to a movie audition or modeling contest and gets discovered instead has turned into something of an industry clich


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From Page Six:


SEXY lesbian Vogue covergirl Amanda Moore punched out a man who's been making time with her girlfriend the other night.

Moore and gorgeous galpal Kate Young, an ex-Vogue staffer, were featured in New York magazine's Aug. 11 "Sexiest New Yorkers" cover story. She's not shy about her sexuality. She and Young recently posed for ID magazine while making out.

According to one of their pals, Moore - star of ads for DKNY, Costume National, Plein Sud and others - recently discovered that Young wasn't being faithful. What's worse, mutual friends told Moore that Young was being led astray not by another woman, but by a man - a popular player on the indie rock scene who's also an A&R man for a hipster record label.

Moore found out that her romantic rival is a regular at Union Square hangout Bar 13's Sunday night "Shout" party. So last weekend she went there looking for him. According to an eyewitness, Moore walked right up to the guy and punched him in the face, sending him to the floor.

When she demanded he apologize for messing with her lady love, he refused and complained about being socked in the kisser. "You deserved it," Moore hissed. "Now we're even."

Our snitch tattles, "She totally embarrassed him in front of all his friends."

Moore's sucker-punch apparently had the desired effect. The interloper has backed off and friends are eyeing Moore with newfound respect.

I love that story so much. :laugh:

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