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Memento Mori

Paulina Stanek

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how old is she? there is something i do like from her and something i do not like from her, i still can't figure it out what it is???

One of the earliest things with Paulina that I'm aware of is this video of a Fashion TV report on La Senza, which features Paulina as one of its models and apparently dates from 2003:


To my eye she looks to be maybe 18 or 19 there, though I'm guessing, to be sure. So that would put her somewhere in her mid-twenties now.

And as for what there is to like about her, that's easy--she's gorgeous!

post-31960-1264100144_thumb.jpg post-31960-1264100124_thumb.jpg

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Paulina in a Kraft salad dressing commercial

The models in the commercial (the model on the right is Sarah Lian--the pic is from her blog. Thanks!):


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