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Jennifer Hawkins

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The bikini stuff. At one point a wave washed over her and she had to hold onto her top or lose it.

I put the sequence into just one image as she was small in the frame.

Oh and I joined a few together to get a full length shot when the camera panned up. It worked pretty good.

Jennifer_H_GOD26_04_09.jpg Jennifer_H_GOD26_04_10.jpg Jennifer_H_GOD26_04_11.jpg Jennifer_H_GOD26_04_12.jpg Jennifer_H_GOD26_04_13.jpg Jennifer_H_GOD26_04_14sec.jpg Jennifer_H_GOD26_04_15.jpg Jennifer_H_GOD26_04_16.jpg Jennifer_H_GOD26_04_full.jpg

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Jennifer from Saturday night's episode of 'The great outdoors'. Australian TV show BTW.

She visited Victoria falls in Africa.

Which included riding the rapids. On both a bodyboard and an inflatable raft.

Before the river trip she spoke to the camera wearing a bikini top.

I like the last shot, nice natural look. It's like the camera caught her in a reflective moment.

Jenn_H_GOD31_05_01.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_02.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_03.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_04.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_05.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_06.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_07.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_08.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_09.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_10.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_11.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_12.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_13.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_14.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_15.jpg Jenn_H_GOD31_05_16.jpg

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