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  1. Jennifer Hawkins

    Jennifer from Saturday night's episode of 'The great outdoors'. Australian TV show BTW. She visited Victoria falls in Africa. Which included riding the rapids. On both a bodyboard and an inflatable raft. Before the river trip she spoke to the camera wearing a bikini top. I like the last shot, nice natural look. It's like the camera caught her in a reflective moment.
  2. Jennifer Hawkins

    The bikini stuff. At one point a wave washed over her and she had to hold onto her top or lose it. I put the sequence into just one image as she was small in the frame. Oh and I joined a few together to get a full length shot when the camera panned up. It worked pretty good.
  3. Jennifer Hawkins

    Jennifer from last night's Great Outdoors. Thats an Australian TV show, they often put her in Bikini.
  4. Jennifer Hawkins

    Here she was showing a place where they nurse baby sea turtles back to health. Something like that. Anyway it was reason for Jennifer to swim in Bikini again. Oh and I've included a quick cap from last nights show where she wore a top that shows a lot.
  5. Jennifer Hawkins

    And I did say she features in Bikini quite a bit. Here she was doing a story on a group of Islands in the Carribean ( I've think I've spelt that wrong ) She stood on a hilltop talking to camera with the wind blowing her hair about - nice look. Green Bikini top is under her top. Then she went for a swim.
  6. Jennifer Hawkins

    Oh goody a Jennifer Hawkins thread on Bellazon. I've been doing 1080 caps of Jennifer off Australian TV for a while. The ones I regularly do I post at: http://www.aussiecelebs.com/forums/index.php Worth checking out, lots of nice Aussie celebs there. Jennifer's thread has 1541 posts. Kylie Minogue 3140, so there's a lot of posting on there. You might consider joining ( which you have to do to enter the threads ) - I'm not connected to the site other than being a regular there. FYI I go by the same user name there. I'll put some up of my top caps here just now. These are from a show she does called: The Great Outdoors, its a travel show. Which is why theres the letters GOD in the file names. Jennifer is often sent places where a bikini is required. Here she dressed in a gown in one of London's best dresseries.
  7. Elizabeth Hurley

    The rest 41-53 of 53
  8. Elizabeth Hurley

    More from Bedazzled 21-40 of 53
  9. Elizabeth Hurley

    My caps of Bedazzled. She looks fantastic in this movie. 1080i is a great thing. 1-20 of 53
  10. Jennifer Hawkins

    I was recording the Australian Formula 1 GP yesterday and Jennifer just happened to be out on the grid. So they are just boring TV caps, still shows her charming smile. Interesting to note: she is wearing a Ramones T shirt.
  11. Elle MacPherson

    These images are TV caps of what was Elle's first break through in Australia. She was a little known model until she did this ad for TAB cola. "Have you seen the girl in the TAB ad? Wow!" everyone wanted to see more. That's where it all started . . . history lesson for you. I know the images look a bit murky. But this was an ad back in the earlyish 1980's. I capped these off 1080i HD and spent some time cleaning them up, so this is as good as they'll get.
  12. Elle MacPherson

    Um well, these are all of the Elle images I have. But I got a lot of Vendela Kiresbom as she appeared in a lot of pages back then. But those scans were done when I first got my scanner. A Vendela thread has just opened here, I want to post those images, but first I'll go back over them and apply some of my image fixing skills to them. Hey actually I've just remembered some more I have . . . TV caps
  13. Elle MacPherson

    And some more!!
  14. Elle MacPherson

    My own scans of some of Elle's SI work from the early 1990's The years of the issues are on the file names. SIDC = Sports Illustrated Desk Calendar SIMag = Sport Illustrated Magazine swimsuit issue
  15. Miranda Kerr

    And some more. . .