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Cricket is a very English and measured game and, as such, is largely neglected by the US. This I intend to rectify by producing this flashy little thread. There is currently a series of Test matches between England (ranked no.2) and Australia (ranked no.1) called the Ashes, which England have lost to varying degrees over the past 10 years or so. The Ashes started way back in 1930's, when Australia finally beat England after years of us (the English) trouncing them. The Australians were so happy they burnt the stumps (the wooden sticks the bowler aims at) and put them in a little pot. The Ashes was thenceforth created, ushering in the greatest cricket contest ever.

This year is the first oppurtunity England have had to win, with the Australian side not up to their best and the England team improving match by match. The series is currently 1-1, with 3 matches having been played (one was a draw) and 2 matches remain. The next match starts on Thursday, and England cannot lose if they are to reclaim the Ashes. We are on a roll, however, and should at least draw.

Exciting stuff i'm sure you'll agree... :whistle:

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I do agree. It's some of the best Test match cricket I've seen in a while. And I'm eagerly awaiting the next match. The last two have been terrific, horrifying from an Aussie persective but still marvellous to watch.

You should play stick cricket. That game is seriously addictive :p

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England win fourth Test. England now lead the series 2-1, with one game remaining (at The Oval).

We made a bit of a meal of it but we got there in the end. England needed 129 runs to win and managed it, with the final 129-7, Giles hitting the winning runs.


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Not to worry, we'll just have to dig deeper for some talent.

It was an issue that was raised a few years ago, about the age of our squad, but everyone dismissed it since we were winning.

Now it comes to bite us in the ass. with Rabies! :o

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