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Manly, you screen caps, are so beautiful! :o Could you (if it's not very hard) make scr.c. with Eugenia? please-please :blush:

heh? what's scr.c. and which one is Eugenia? i only know a few models by name and face. but i'm glad to make one. :)

oh, you are so sweet, I meant a small video like you made with other models...here is Eugenia


you what that exact outfit?

If it is possible, another one too (in red), if not...this one



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VSFS 2005

:) Capt Snow and Neo were the major contributing factors in this production..............thanx guys you're the greatest to work with and great friends :) :)

Kinda like the chilaX days :fun:

Now here's the deal..........

We had to make a trade off to make it work. The resolution is not full screen...but the file size is 700MB rather than 2.4GB.

Eventhough the d/l time is considerable, it's much less than 2.4GB.

And........the entire show minus the commercials are on 1 file.

The initial resolution is abot 40% of the screen. If you enlarge the screen, you'll lose little of the quality but you'll have full screen.

Ladies and gentleman, I hope you have the patience for the download time......cuz it will be long.........

:lost: azkid

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no its different, the one on slea's site is from an hdtv capture, i personally downloaded the one on slea's site and the video is great but the sound sucks....azkids is a i guess a normal tv capture but the sound is great...im going to upload it for the board in parts using winrar that way the parts can combine into one and ill upload it with rapidshare, i was doing that today but it kept cutting off so ill upload the parts and post that tomorrow

as azkid said, he did the capture....he sent the files to me over msn messenger in parts and it totaled two gigs....with capt snow's help we converted the video to 700mb....i wasnt home today so azkid took the liberty of posting it.

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AZKID what is the difference between yours 700mb vs and the one on slea'a website??

is it the same??

:wave: I personally didn't see slea's posting. you'll have to ask him where he got it.

slea's vids are always of very good quality from what I've seen before. :cool:

Like Neo said, I captured the show directly from cable TV broadcast and recorded on to a DVD. I converted the show 2.4GB from DVD (.vob) to MPEG edited out the commercials (which I'll post tomorrow). Capt Snow stepped in to lend his expertise. He suggested using WinRAR to further condense and split the show into 9 .rar files that I transfered to Neo via MSN. That took the better part of 2 evenings. Using a program that Capt Snow uses, I converted the .rar files to a DivX Home Theatre file. It's a version of a.avi file. It compressed the 2.4 GB file to a 700MB sized video. I did the one file version. Neo will post (I think) the show in the same video format but 8 or 9 segments

It's your choice which one you prefer............It's out there in so many formats; take your pick.

:) :lost:

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It looks like the ratings weren't all that great for the show:

"At 10 p.m., "Law & Order: SVU" scored the night's biggest audience with a 10.8/17. "Boston Legal" averaged 6.7/11 for ABC to beat the "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show," 6.2/10, on CBS."

source: http://tv.zap2it.com/tveditorial/tve_main/...8981|1|,00.html

Well, it's depending on how you look at it.

Every year it's about the same. Even in 2002 with all the controversy. It still draws the viewers it was attempting to get anyway. 10 million people is solid ratings for it's time spot. Hell, Boston Legal didn't beat it by much...

In 2001 it got 12-13 million b/c of Novelty and due to the fact people made such a big deal about it.

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