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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant


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ive only watched part of an episode.. i had to turn it in disgust.

having had a child.... i dont believe a damn word that comes out of these women's mouths.

i didnt get morning, or Anytime sickness like many of the women.... but after the first trimester, i

was damn sure positive i had something growing in me.

so after all my blah blah, thats what i think,. its total B.S.

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ahahaha its so ridiculous it is FUNNY! this one chick was having cramps and was sitting on the toilet and supposedly pushed a baby out and walked away and then heard a baby crying and looked in the toilet to see her daughter in there. buwahahaha its just such a BS, hilarious show. my friend jokes that the reason a lot of these women don't know they're pregnant is b/c they're already pretty fat.

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