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Confirmation for Kim Nye ?

steve with an s

Is the model in this ad Kim Nye?  

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  1. 1. Is the model in this ad Kim Nye?

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Okay, thank you. The shape of the face seems quite similar to me, especially around the chin.

There's another mark against it being Kim, though this is a different kind of argument. This ad seems too small-time to me, for it to be her. She has the Ralph Lauren campaign (and an affair with Lauren), though I don't know exactly where the dates are or what the overlap is. This fur ad is Dec '87. She's doing the Safari ads at least by '88, I believe. So this ad just seems a little small-time for her/for this business to pay for a top model like her. Though I don't know when this fur ad was first shot. And of course you just never know.

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