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Deborah Ann Woll


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Deborah Ann Woll was born on February 7th, 1985 which makes her 23 years old. She is of German and Irish decent. Deborah was born in Brooklyn but ended up going to USC because of the way it allowed her to explore her acting. In 2007 she graduated from USC(University of Southern California), where she had majored in theater.

Deborah didn’t always know she wanted to be a actress, she knew she wanted to be a proformer but she wasn’t sure what kind. By highschool she had realised it was the acting she wanted to persue and often got the leads in plays and even if she didn’t she would get a role that required hard work and energy.

Deborah then got her first guest role on “Life” as Nancy which then lead to a bunch of other guest roles on shows such as “ER”, “My Name Is Earl” & “The Mentalist”. This eventually lead her to land her breakout role as Jessica on the hit HBO show, “True Blood”. When Deborah first joined “True Blood” she had no idea she would get a big role, she just thought her role was going to be there for two episodes but then for the second season she was asked back to play the young vampire.

Deborah has Celiacs disease which in her own words is a severe intolerance or allergy to wheat products or Gluten. She has said it isn’t that bad and she’s learning to live with it. Deborah also is a big supporter of The Choroideremia Research Foundation, as he boyfriend has the disease. It is an eye disease which slowly makes him go blind. To read more about this and other charites Deborah suports please go


Outside of acting and work Deborah enjoys reading comic books, playing Japanese logic games & computer games. She also likes to play the piano which she has had 15 years experience of playing. She is a Certified Lifeguard & has had 7 years experience of Latin and Swing dance. She has also mastered the accents of Brooklyn(which is her native accent), Irish, Bosnian, British RP, Pennsylvania Dutch.

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