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Deborah Ann Woll


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She is really pretty, Im glad they decided to add her to the show being as her character is not in the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Here are some screen caps from Bad Blood, the newest of True Blood.

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Hair Share: True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll

ELLE Undercover by Johanna Cox

Several weeks ago, when I returned home for the 4th of July holiday, my parents and I had a serious talk about my discretionary spending—specifically, what lifestyle changes I could make so that come the end of the month, I wasn’t left wondering if that last $5 in my bank account should go toward laundry or an Amy’s organic frozen burrito. My Mom and Dad are reasonable people, so even though slightly embarrassing given my age, this line-by-line budgetary analysis wasn’t as painful as it sounds.

That is, until we hit the HBO snag.

“Non-negotiable,” I said.

“But…” my Mom started.

“Nope, next,” I said, cutting her off as gently as I could.

Why was I willing to feel the financial pinch when it came to such beloved former activities as boxing and shoe shopping but standing so firmly on this issue?

It’s as simple as a Sookie Stackhouse analogy: I will not live without True Blood. It, along with brunch, is my Sunday. And of all the characters whose storylines are responsible for this addiction (and there are many), none to me is more I-will-not-live-without worthy than actress Deborah Ann Woll’s, whose role as volatile, sexually frustrated newbie vampire Jessica Hamby is so convincing and three-dimensional you’d just as likely laugh when she’s on-screen as you would cringe, thinking, thank God that’s not my boyfriend’s Mom.

And if being super smart (USC grad) and multi talented (plays piano and fences) weren’t enough to draw you in, there’s her hair—sleek and perfectly strawberry blond—which of course, when the 24-year-old Brooklyn beauty came to the ELLE office last week and mentioned she had been self-dyeing for a decade for under $10, was all I wanted to talk about. Graciously, Deborah Ann agreed.

At what age did you first dye your hair?

During my freshman year of high school, I was 14.

Why red?

As a fair skinned blonde, I disappeared into the background. I’ve always been a loner, so I suppose dyeing my hair red was a way to say, “I’m here, I exist, I’m a human being and you can’t just push me aside.” I’m also a fan of old movies, and was very into Rita Hayworth at the time. I always fancied someone might call me “red”, like Katherine Hepburn.

You’re a major actress now—why aren’t you going to a fancy salon to get your color professionally done?

That’s very flattering of you to say. I’ve never been a much of a glamour girl. If it’s working and looks natural out of a $9 box — then why spend the money? Also being blond I don’t have to bleach my hair, which you should definitely go to a professional for. My coloring process is very simple comparatively.

Do you ever see yourself going back to your natural blond?

I have for roles. And I’ve been every other shade, too, for different projects. I don’t see myself going back to blonde outside of work though. I really like the red.

And for those who will no doubt want to try this $9 drugstore secret, are you willing to share which product and shade you swear by?

Of course! I use L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème in Reddish Blond (8RB).

From http://deborahannwoll.net/press/elle-magaz...august-20-2009/

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Name: Deborah Ann Woll

Date of Birth: February 07, 1985

Place of Birth: Brooklin, NY, USA

Height: 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)

Hair: Blonde (dyed Red)

Eyes: Blue

Deborah Ann Woll, who is of Irish and German descent, grew up in New York City and went to high school at the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn. She matriculated at the University of Southern California and has since moved to Los Angeles.

Woll has made guest appearances on several television programs including Life, Aces ‘n Eights, ER, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (17th episode of 8th season, For Gedda), My Name Is Earl, The Mentalist and Law and Order SVU. Woll received her breakout role as Bill Compton’s vampire offspring Jessica on the HBO television series True Blood. To help prepare for the role, she watched a lot of animal attack footage.Her upcoming roles include Mother’s Day, which will be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, Little Murder, which co-stars Josh Lucas, and the indie film Highland Park.

Deborah’s boyfriend Edward “E.J.” Scott and his family are afflicted with choroideremia, which is a condition of the eyes that slowly robs the victim of his or her sight. She uses her celebrity to help advocate for them and others suffering from the disease. She has been quoted as saying that her boyfriend’s bravery in fighting his disability has inspired her own battle with celiac disease, which makes her body intolerant to certain types of foods.

• One of the major challenges Deborah had to overcome as she initially worked on True Blood was mastering a full Southern accent as she only had four or five days to learn it for her character.

• Deborah is a huge fan of the vampire and horror genres. She and her boyfriend used to watch Angel and Buffy together. She has also seen the classic horror films on Dracula and Nosferatu.

• Among the actresses she admires and whose careers she’d like to emulate are Allison Janney and Greta Garbo.

• Her interests and hobbies include reading comic books, playing the piano, solving puzzles, and playing Japanese logic games and computer games.

• Deborah is afflicted with Celiac disease which prevents her from eating wheat products or anything with Gluten in them. She compensates by consuming lots of meat, vegetables, and rice products.

• Woll appeared on the cover of H magazine’s August 2009 issue (scans here). It also included a photoshoot and a feature article on her entitled, “Interview with the Vampire”.

• Her theatrical credits include playing a young woman in Machinal, Polly Peachum in The Threepenny Opera, and Helena in All’s Well That Ends Well.

• She is of Irish and German descent.

• When she was hired to play Jessica on True Blood, none of the episodes were aired yet. She instead read the first two books of the series was based on to get a general feel of the characters, setting, and story of the show.

• Her favorite TV show of all-time is Mystery Science Theater 3000 and watches an episode of it every night before she goes to sleep. She also enjoys features aired on the SciFi Channel and Animal Planet.

Info from http://deborahweb.org and http://deborahannwoll.net/

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