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Lindsey Wixson

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Naturally Sophisticated, after all






Lindsey Wixson @ Marilyn (NY)

We're in the mood. In the mood for uncanny faces with model-perfect bodies. After Ksenia, the most unique girl we've seen in a while, comes Lindsey the most unique girl in New York right now. Her face is truly one of a kind and we dare you to find another Lindsey, knowing you won't. Eyes, lips, expressions and face shape, all have her signature. Impossible to mistake her with anyone else. Her silhouette scores at 5'10 (178) and her portfolio looks like a short intro of what's coming next (needless to repeat some big things are on their way). Though, the intro is already inspiring as it gives us a taste of Lindsey's talent. James Mahon captured a very natural (and brilliant) side of hers, echoing her digitals. It makes you aware of the level and eager for something more sophisticated to complete this portrait. She's 16, she's American and we'd say she's the epitome of a new face at Marilyn today


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