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Mathilde Frachon

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Mathilde Frachon @ Next (Paris)

The editorial is inspired by Pedro Almodovar, his movies and their atmospheres. The colors, the stares, the poses. It might be a perfect opportunity to release it during the Festival de Cannes and it was actually published in an issue of L'Express Styles dedicated to Cannes. Shot by Nicholas Moore. Mathilde the french lady in a french magazine when everybody wants to know what's going on in France. French touch everywhere.

We're away from Cannes and that's not that bad. Away from the frenchy frenzy and close to our german border, enjoying the best of both worlds. Mathilde isn't related to the palm trees and movies galore of Cannes, she's more the girl we've seen under the cloudy sky of the firs day of March in Paris. The image of a girl having her breakthrough season at Karl Lagerfeld, Giambattista Valli, Sonia Rykiel, Kenzo or Barbara Bui. Magical eyelids making a stunning contrast between her vivid personality and her melancholic gaze. We wouldn't have thought of her to play the lethal muse in this editorial but she works it out.


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